Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6S review

The iPhone 6S is great, but its battery life was never its strong suit. I said that in my review, and I felt the same way about the iPhone 6, too. I pair multiple fitness bands and smartwatches, stream music and generally wear out my iPhone so that it always needs a top-off charge by 4 p.m.

Apple has danced around the battery limitations on the smaller 4.7-inch iPhone, adding a low-power mode in iOS 9 (which stretches battery life a bit) and pushing power-hungry users to the larger, more capacious 5.5-inch Plus phones — whether or not they preferred its jumbo size. Third-party accessories have long addressed the battery issue, meanwhile, with everything from pocketable battery dongles to form-fitting battery cases.

Now, Apple has officially unveiled its very own iPhone Smart Battery Case, too. But at $99 in the US, £79 in the UK and AU$165 in Australia, it’s more expensive than competing models. For that price, you could pick up the similarly sized Mophie Juice Pack Reserve ($60) and Anker’s Ultra Slim Extended Battery Case ($40), which is well-loved on Amazon.

The Smart Battery Case promises up to 18 hours of 4G LTE Web browsing, up from 10 hours for the iPhone 6S on its own — an 80 percent boost (the specific battery capacity is 1,877 mAh). It’s compatible with the iPhone 6 as well.

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