Stephen Colbert reveals he persuaded Harrison Ford to be Han Solo again


You knew there had to be a backstory.

Star Wars is full of backstories, after all. Some better than others.

But as the makers of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” revel in glorious reviews, Stephen Colbert thought he’d offer one of the most significant backstories of all — the one in which Harrison Ford was completely disinterested in returning as Han Solo.

Three years ago, it seems, director J.J. Abrams met with Ford in some hotel lobby. Ford had no idea who Abrams was.

His reaction to reprising his role in Star Wars? “I did that. I did it, what, two times. Been there, done that.”

Enter Colbert, complete with 1970s sideburns. He seems to think the part is his.

His mere presence annoys Ford. His attempts at showing his Han Solo moves enrage the star.

How was it that Ford ended up taking the role? Well, you’ll just have to watch (Disclosure: CBS is CNET’s parent company).

In the annals of Star Wars, Colbert’s pivotal role can now be written — at least, if you believe this version of events.

You might also choose to believe Ford’s own words to Jimmy Fallon: “I got paid.”

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