Androidify app throws in some holiday cheer with ugly sweaters and Nexus phones


If you need a fun holiday time killer, check out the new Christmas-themed outfits and toys in Google’s Androidify app.

The latest update throws in some ugly sweaters, festive hats, and accessories like Nexus smartphones and a Chromebook. You can even throw a pair of ice skates and a scarf on your character to make sure they’re bundled up for frightfully-cold weather.

androidify santa

If you’re particularly proud of your achievement, you can share your character to theAndroidify gallery. This is also a great spot to get inspiration from all the other characters out there.

Find all the new goodies in the latest build of Androidify, which is available from APK Mirror and Google Play.

The story behind the story: One way Android has more personality than that other mobile operating system is Google’s affectionate robot. For Android fans it’s a sense of pride and reflects Google’s ethos toward Android – even the mascot is open source. So have some fun and create an Android version of yourself or make the craziest robot you can imagine.

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