In which ways can you day trade and how should you do it?

Day trading, in simple terms, refers to the concept of buying and selling stock on the same day. By leveraging large amounts of capital, traders are able to magnify their profits, with even small price movements. However, the idea behind leveraging is to ensure that the capital is invested in highly liquid securities and assets.

Every person, who’s trading on the Stock Exchange, can be classified into a beginner, an intermediate and an advanced trader. If you belong to the latter two categories, you are probably more experienced with the finer nuances of day trading, and are already implementing your own set of strategies to make profits. But what happens if you are from the former category, which is the beginner’s category? Of course, in such a case, you would still be wondering how to make your way around, in order to avoid any kind of losses with your day trading investments.

Here’s a list of some day trading strategies which can help you grasp the straws easily, while allowing you to skim over the preliminary beginner’s losses.

  • Look for situations where the demand and supply is imbalanced: Follow the simple logic of economics and you should be good. Like in any other scenario, even the different types of stocks have demand and supply. Given such a situation, if you feel that the stock supply is dwindling, and there are still a few willing buyers, chances are there is a going to be constant flurry in the prices. Since day trading is all about benefiting from the movement in prices, you too can benefit from the volatility and make it work in your favor.
  • Types of Securities: Day trading lays all its focus on buying and selling highly liquid securities, in order to maximize profits. With this scenario in mind, it’s best to do your groundwork before you actually jump into the investment arena. Chalk out your securities which you would be investing in; round up your capital and see how the trending for your shortlisted securities is going. Once all this is in place, you can try your luck and start trading with one or two securities. Basis the outcome, you can plan your future investments.
  • News Trading: Another factor which can help you in day trading is news trading. The volatility of the Stock Exchange is governed by the outbreak of worldwide news; for this very reason, rest assured, you have to be as alert as possible. As soon as you feel some important news has been reported, you should go ahead and start actioning your stocks and monitoring the prices. If you feel the news outbreak can affect your investment positively, you should wait for sometime before you sell. If the news is trending negatively, you should get rid of your stocks at the first available price change.
  • Investing in binary options: Binary options offer a decent avenue for investing, especially if you are a day trader. The concept of binary options day trading involves opening the binary options contract in the morning and closing it the same day. Since binary options have a fixed expiry dates and times, it’s a little difficult for the trader to close the contract manually. However, binary options are hard to day trade; you have to be sure you have the binary options trading strategies in place before you can actually start day trading with binary options.


While choosing the kind of securities to invest in, you also have to make sure you have enough capital to do your bidding. Since there are different types of stocks available in the market, a day trader has a lot of options. Make this decision wisely.

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