Herbal Method To Cure Insomnia

There are several varieties of smart drugs known to cure different ailments some of which are effective for the treatment of sleeping related disorderslike Insomnia. The valerian is a perennial flower with scented pink or white head. This herbal medicine is also used to treat anxiety, mental stress, hysterical states, asthma, migraine and stomach upset. It is often taken with lemon balm or other herbs that causes drowsiness. This is a new form of safe drug alternative to sleeping pills. There are some people who use this as a therapist for depression, epilepsy or attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder.


The root of this herb has a lot of medical benefits especially on women to cure menstrual cramps, menopause and joint pain. The oil extracts of this herb is also used for flavoring in food and beverages. The rootsare dried and processed to make this herbal compound. But to be safe from illegal or fake product one should thoroughly research over the internet before buying. There are some marketed products which have contaminated noxious metals or other drugs.

Function as a brain sedative

The processed roots are really a good nootriment for relieving your brain and the nervous system. They are obtained through sleep-promoting tea blends that not only give you good sleep but also lower your blood pressure thereby decreasing nocturnal awakenings while increasing the sleep time. It works by binding the major neurotransmitterand beta subunits. The oil from the herb is the first major source of sedative and the second one being the iridoids (a category of compound in some plants).

It increases the amount of gamma acid that causes GABA to get released from the brain nerves and then block them from getting back further into nerve cells. It actually produces an enzyme that destroys GABA. GABA is a neurotransmitter that issues chemical messages through the brain and the entire nervous system of the human body. As a result this process calms down the traffic inside the brain giving the individual total relief. The oil which includes valerenic acids have proven effective in animals too.

Some important considerations

If you wish to take the medication, you must take the advice of a doctor before consuming it. Use it as prescribed by the doctor, and do not increase the dosage to for quicker result or increasing the relief. It is strictly recommended not chew, break, or crush a valerian capsule, just swallow it with water. In case of any surgery or operation stop the medication before two weeks. Store the product in room temperature away from moist and heat.

This nootriment processbasically comes in oral form with different process of medication. Thus the dosage must be 400-900 milligram, and should be taken two hours before going to sleep. This process should be carried on for twenty eight days. If you are taking with lemon balm, the dosage of the balm should be less than 80 milligrams and the supplement will be of 120 milligrams. The lemon balm medication should be taken three times in a day for a month. These two are the most common medication process taken by the users.

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