Facebook Now Lets You Sign Into Android Apps With Mobile Number

Facebook at its annual developer F8 conference earlier this year showcased its Account Kit authentication system. The new system was essentially a new way Facebook wanted people to log into any app instead of the traditional ways. The company has now updated its Account Kit developer tool which lets people sign in to Android apps using Facebook’s instant verification system.

Facebook Now Lets You Sign Into Android Apps With Mobile NumberFacebook’s Ethan Goldman-Kirst, Software Engineer with Identify Tools team, in a blog post explains the instant verification process, “When a person enters his/her phone number into an app using Account Kit, via Android services, we attempt a match with the verified phone number listed on the person’s Facebook profile. This is only possible if the person is logged into the Facebook app on the same device.”

Developers can now take advantage of the new instant verification by integrating the new Facebook SDK for your apps or sites using Account Kit.

Ethan further adds that if there isn’t a match, a SMS will be sent to verify and complete sign-in process. “If there is a match, we can complete the verification without sending a one-time password (OTP) via SMS, making the sign-in flow more seamless. If there isn’t a successful match, a SMS will be sent with a verification code to complete the sign-in. This feature is used only to improve the verification process in a secure way and no additional Facebook information is shared with the app.”

Facebook claims that there has been 97 percent conversation rate in the initial tests which means people entered an app through the instant verification system. The company named Familonet as its early partner which is an app that helps people stay safe by letting them share their location with friends and family in real-time. “Account Kit phone number login increased their registrations by 40 percent. Recent implementation of instant verification lifted their conversion rates by 5 percent, and this continues to rise,” adds Facebook team.

LeEco Confirms Layoffs in India and Other Regions; Talks About Revamped Strategy

LeEco on Wednesday said it has revised its business strategy for the coming year, based on the “overall volatility and uncertainty that is forecast for the global economy.” Recently, the company admitted expanding too fast too soon, and has since been scrutinising plans. This overhaul will imply several changes across the markets in which it operates, including India, where the company has confirmed layoffs are planned.

LeEco Confirms Layoffs in India and Other Regions; Talks About Revamped StrategyTo recall, LeEco entered the Indian market in January this year, and the company has enjoyed some time in the limelight since. The company entered the offline market in the country in June by bringing the Le 1s to brick-and-mortar stores, and then expanded its retail partnerships the next month.

Now, LeEco in a statement to Gadgets 360 reacting to recent reports about its planned slowdown in the country, said that it was downsizing its operations in India. This “right sizing exercise” applies to “all its offices in various geographies” the company specified, with India just one of these markets. It added that India is one of the top three markets for the company globally, but mentioned that it is also a “fledgling operation”.

The company said that the decision to downsize operations in India was not “led by performance or competence parameters but entirely guided by business imperatives.” The statement further explained the reasons behind the move, “As we transit to a more strategic phase of our operations in India, it is the appropriate time to assess and take steps to ensure the sustainability and profitability of our business.”

Speaking about the layoffs in India, LeEco said it is doing what it can to alleviate struggles of “affected employees.” It said it is “open to offering outplacement services to affected employees who specifically seek assistance”
Referring to reports that it was exiting the offline sales market it had entered under six months ago, LeEco didn’t confirm its actual exit – however, it did say it was now focused on its online channels. LeEco said that it was at its core an Internet company, and that it “intends to concentrate on and bolster its online business.” The company said its “proven O2O model” will be vital to its business in India, but how this applies to actual offline sales isn’t clear yet.

The statement also shed some light on the company’s roadmap for India, pointing specifically to improving online channels with a “more consumer-centric” LeMall marketplace. LeEco also said it has a “robust product pipeline in the offing.”

In August, LeEco set up a manufacturing unit in Greater Noida, with an initial production capacity of 60,000 smartphones a month anticipated to ramp up to 200,000 units a month by the end of the year. At the same time, it announced it had managed to sell 1 million smartphones in the country since launch.

While LeEco is silent on if there’s a rethink on its Make in India plans, the company says it “will adopt a laser-sharp focus on overall organisational efficiency, capacity-building and talent nurturing while remaining unwaveringly committed to maintaining a sustainable and profitable business model.”

Nexus 6P Users Still Reporting Battery Failure Issue Related to Android 7.0 Nougat

Early last month, some Nexus 6P users reported an issue where their devices were shutting down unexpectedly despite showing some percentage of battery left, after updating to Android 7.0 Nougat. It seems like Google has still not fixed the issue as Nexus 6P users are continuing to complain regarding the issue to the search giant through threads and complaint forums.

Nexus 6P Users Still Reporting Battery Failure Issue Related to Android 7.0 NougatThe issue on Nexus 6P smartphones has already been posted in Google’s Issue Tracker but currently holds a priority of “small” on the website. Some users have reported that their battery died out from battery levels as high as 60 percent, as pointed out in a report by AndroidPolice. Most users have reported their battery dying out between 10 and 60 percent and the issue is more prominent in regions with cold climates as per the report.

One of the biggest problems associated with the Nexus 6P battery failure issue is that several people have ended up in emergency situations where they were not able to contact their family due to the fact that their phone’s battery died unexpectedly. One user complained, “One evening I was stuck in traffic for 2 hours for a multiple vehicle crash. I had over 50 percent battery left and when I tried to call my family and let them know I’m stuck and wasn’t involved in the crash the phone died,” as pointed out by 9to5Google.

Even though some Nexus 6P users tried rolling back to earlier versions of Android, the issue was not solved. However, the battery reportedly started dying at levels lower than that in the case of Android 7.0 Nougat.

As this shutdown issue has already posed a problem for several Nexus 6P users, the search giant needs to roll out an update to fix the issue before it creates more trouble.

Reliance Jio Is Now Selling Lyf Smartphones, JioFi 4G Hotspot on Jio.com

Reliance Jio has seen a tremendous response from customers since its launch back in September. The company recently extended its free data and cellular services till March as part of the Jio Happy New Year Offer. Now, the company has gone a step ahead further as it has started selling smartphones Reliance Digital’s Lyf-branded smartphones as well as the JioFi 4G Hotspot from its own website – Jio.com.

Reliance Jio Is Now Selling Lyf Smartphones, JioFi 4G Hotspot on Jio.comCurrently, the company has listed three Lyf smartphones – the Lyf Water 11, Lyf Water 8, and Lyf Earth 1. The phones have been priced by the company at Rs. 7,999, Rs. 8,999, and Rs. 19,399 respectively – significantly cheaper than their corresponding Rs. 8,199 , Rs. 10,999, and Rs. 23,990 launch prices, as well as the prices currently shown on the MyLyf.com website.

In the meanwhile, the company is offering its JioFi 4G hotspot device at Rs. 1,999 – the same price as after its first reduction. In order to purchase the devices from Jio.com, users need to head to the ‘devices’ section on the website and place their order.
The company is promising to deliver the products in three to five business days. Further, it is offering an option for replacement of the product, applicable within seven days of delivery, in case the product is damaged, defective, or is not as described.
In order to get JioMoney discount coupons worth Rs. 15,000, the company said users will have to download the JioMoney App for access to the discount coupons. They can then avail the offers at the stores mentioned in the coupons. While visiting a physical store, users can open the JioMoney app and redeem the coupon to view the coupon code. The store person can either scan the barcode on the app screen or note down the code, the company said.

Customers can also choose to redeem coupon through company’s website or app by pasting the coupon code while checking out with the cart, it added.

Reasons to Pursue a Sports Degree

Many people who love sports resign themselves to just being a spectator because they don’t have the skills to parlay that love into a career as a player. However, there are so many more opportunities in the sports industry than just playing a sport. Even people who haven’t played a sport a day in their lives can work in this field and find a very satisfying and exciting career. There are many reasons to consider getting a sports degree if you are passionate about sports.

Image result for Reasons to Pursue a Sports Degree
There’s Many Career Options
As mentioned, there are many different opportunities in this industry. You can work in broadcasting, psychology, therapy, management, recruiting and many more areas. Sports is a business so the industry needs the same workers as any other business. This means if you are gifted in an area, such as accounting, you can still find a way to work in this field.
The best part is that education is going through a lot of changes, too, as discussed in this article. This means more degree options are being introduced. You can actually get specific degrees that allow you to train for your chosen subject as it relates to the sports industry. This specialized training allows you to seamlessly enter the field and be ready to find a job.
It’s a Trending Industry
Sports is big business. It doesn’t really see times when people just aren’t interested. People will always find a way to see their favorite sports teams. They will always find the money to spend on tickets or tune into a televised broadcast. This allows for good job security. Sports is very valuable, as explained by Adelphi, which means it is always in demand. This is good for you because it means a better chance of finding a job once you graduate.
In addition, because the industry is strong, you are able to make good money. Salaries in this field are fairly nice, even without considering what players get paid. There is the potential to make a really good income working in any sports-related career.
You’ll Find Work Exciting
Because you can find so many careers within this industry, it allows you to find a position that really interests you. Not only will you be working in an industry that you are passionate about but you also will be able to work in a field that you are passionate about. For example, if you are interested in how the human body works and how it is affected by fitness and you love football, you can earn a sports science degree and go work in the NFL. You are combining two things you are excited about, which means you will end up with a career that interests you.
Not to mention that the sports industry is just interesting in general. Imagine being able to work closely with sports stars or doing your part on the inside to make a team amazing. Regardless of what you are doing, you are getting the chance to work inside an industry that is always alive with excitement.
Getting a sports degree can be a great move if you love sports. No matter what area you specialize in, you still get to capitalize on the fact that you are working for a sports team. This can allow you to find a career you are passionate about.

The Continuing Revolution in Communication Technology

While the internet continues to be the greatest revolution of the past two generations, many would argue that it pales in comparison to the waves thrown off by the invention of the telephone. Imagine living before Alexander Graham Bell’s revolutionary innovation. Messages could be tapped out through experimental telegraph systems as early as the 17th century, but not until 1849 could the human voice be transmitted across great distances through electrical signals. It was a sea change for the human race that many people living at the time could barely comprehend. And as remarkable as that change was for people living almost 200 years ago, we’re preparing for even greater communication innovations within the coming decades.

Related image

Today it is already possible to call almost anyone in the world from almost any location. EnjoyPrepaid has options for covering phone charges well in advance of any travel. There are numerous options for international phone coverage. Some people opt to purchase international roaming plans. Others swap out SIM cards on their jailbroken smartphone, one for each country they visit. Still others use one of numerous free calling applications, like Google Voice and Skype.

That last company is perhaps the one that best hints at our future. Skype was definitely amazing when it emerged in 2003. People were amazed to see their friends and loved ones’ faces onscreen, even if the early performance of the app didn’t function as smoothly as it does today. In the intervening 13 years there have been numerous copycats, and Skype’s influence has been felt across many different social media platforms. But perhaps the greatest impact it has had in inspiring future technologies is in the field of telepresence.

Telepresence hasn’t captured the national discourse quite like it will in the future. What is telepresence you ask? To quote Richard Baldwin, “Telepresence is half of a table with life-size screens, good light, lots of cameras, and microphones. Then the other half of the table is somewhere else. When people sit at the table you have a very strong impression that they are in the same room.”

The applications of such a technology are immediately obvious, and will surely embody options not yet imaginable to us in the present day. As of yet, telepresence technologies are extremely expensive and do not work tremendously well, but the day of seamless performance is coming, and you can bet that the first time you use it you will be amazed.

Communications technologies like these continue to make the world a smaller place. Three hundred years ago, it was impossible to communicate in real time with anyone who was not within eyesight. Today, we can communicate irrespective of earthly distance. Techniques in quantum communication seem to indicate that one day these distances may be spread across solar systems. For now, we have more than enough innovation to handle. The promise of telepresence and the continuing sophistication of consumer devices like smartphones are changing the way the world communicates. For people who love this stuff, the future can’t come fast enough.

People Find New Ways to Support the Military During Divided Times

During times when the country is divided, some people like to bring it together by focusing on support for the military. Supporting the military is practically an industry in the United States. Whether you are a mother or father of a military member, a veteran or just someone who has an appreciation for the military, there are many different ways you can show your support. You might be able to do so by standing for the national anthem or showing respect during a ceremony. Some people want to go a little farther. For those people, military stickers are a great choice.

Image result for People Find New Ways to Support the Military During Divided Times The Internet has opened up the commercial world, providing more creativity and better options for almost any product. In the past, people might have gotten the logo of the US Marine Corps on their truck. They might have gotten a sticker that says “Army Dad” for their coupe. Today, people can show their support for the military with many more types of stickers. It is entirely possible for people today to show their support in new and creative ways that show more than just their military support. They can also show style with these stickers.

Stickers have become a popular way to show support because they can go with you everywhere. While putting up a sign in your den or your man cave might show a handful of people how you feel, putting a sticker on a vehicle will show hundreds of people each day just what you stand for. It will give you maximum visibility for your ideas and views, which is something that many people are looking for today when they choose car decorations.

There is another good purpose behind these stickers that must be taken into account. In a world where veterans are often killing themselves and suffering from neglect, it can be good to show those people that they have support. Stickers accomplish this goal, letting veterans know that someone out there is looking out for their interests. These stickers might be the difference between a tragedy and saving the life of a person who is having a difficult time coping. military stickers

Google App Gets Split Into Upcoming and Feed Tabs

Google App Gets Split Into Upcoming and Feed TabsGoogle keeps tweaking the features on its suite of apps, and on Tuesday, the company rolled out one such feature to the Google Search app (aka Google app). To recall, Google was testing a new ‘Upcoming’ tab feature back in October on its Google Search app for Android, effectively separating current interests and upcoming personal information into Feed and Upcoming tabs. The Upcoming tab has now started rolling out for Android users, and will be made available to the Google app for iOS users soon.

Google announced this major change to its Search app on its Keyword Search blog, saying, cards will now be “organised into two sections: a feed that keeps you current on your interests like sports, news, and entertainment, and a section for your upcoming personal info, like flights, appointments and more.”

As we mentioned, the Google Search app for Android will begin showing two tabs one of which, named Feed, lists the user’s general interests items, emails, weather, and the news, whereas the Upcoming tab will show personalised items like upcoming events, travel time for commute, purchase orders, package delivery info, and more. Earlier, the Google Search app had a single News feed interface where all the information regarding user’s preferences, news, weather, favourite sports team appeared, as well as any personalised information.

The new tab interface has also narrowed down the cards that earlier used to have a comfortable view. The weather card is now compact by omitting the entire week’s forecast and bearing just the current temperature in your city (and other location if you have it configured under Google’s weather settings), with temperature conditions and maximum and minimum temperature mentioned under the highlighted temperature.

Google will prioritise the cards in accordance with what it thinks are the most important topics for you. You can still swipe cards if you think they are of no interest to you or have gone the past the event. Apart from that, the tabs that are categorically different (for e.g., sports, entertainment, music etc.) now have distinct and bolder lines to separate them from the clutter.

Besides the Upcoming and Feed tabs, Google says users in the US will be able to further organise their Feed section by selecting topics of interest that they’d like to see more information about – they can perform this selection from a separate card in their Feed. This last feature will be rolling out to more countries in the coming months.

LeEco’s Sports Unit Cuts 10 Percent of Staff Amid Funding Crunch

LeEco's Sports Unit Cuts 10 Percent of Staff Amid Funding CrunchThe sports unit of Chinese technology giant LeEco will cut 10 percent of its staff and restructure its business after the parent firm’s billionaire chief executive flagged concerns over spiralling debt and corporate overextension last month.

A company spokeswoman said the cuts would be made at various departments inside LeEco’s sports unit, LeSports. The firm focuses on events operation and content streaming, and employs around 1,000 people. LeEco overall employs many thousands more.

LeEco’s CEO Jia Yueting made waves in November after writing a letter to staff saying the firm was facing “big company disease”, casting fresh doubt over the conglomerate’s ambitions in sectors including the electric auto industry and online entertainment.

Later last month, however, LeEco’s listed unit said it had secured commitments for $600 million to support its embattled automotive unit and LeEco’s high-tech business.

At a sports business event in southern China last week, LeSports CEO Lei Zhenjian acknowledged the company was grappling with the challenge of tight funding.
“Funding is a problem that every cross-sector company will always face. We undoubtedly are facing funding pressure everyday right now but this will be an impetus and test for us,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the event.
The sports unit will establish an independent company in 2017 to oversee its sports management business and will make a concerted push into the fitness industry at an appropriate time, according to a company document published on Tuesday.

Trading in shares of LeEco’s listed company Leshi Internet Information and Technology Corp Beijing were halted on Wednesday pending an announcement. The spokeswoman said LeShi’s trading halt was not connected to LeSports.

Apple Reveals ‘Best of 2016’ Apps, Books, Games, Movies, and TV Shows

Apple Reveals 'Best of 2016' Apps, Books, Games, Movies, and TV ShowsIt’s December, which means Year Enders will now be an everyday affair. Soon after Google Play released its ‘Best of 2016’ lists, Apple has released its ‘Best of 2016′ charts for the App Store, iTunes Store, and iBooks Store. Each country has its own lists (except for the iBooks Store), and we’ve concentrated on the US and India lists.

Starting with India, on the top of the pedestal are Prisma – which won the iPhone app of the year – and Clash Royale – which won the iPhone game of the year.

For those unaware, Prisma is the art filter app launched in June (Review) that gained popularity in a very short time because of its impressive machine learning technology. Clash Royale was introduced by the Clash of Clans makers, and is a real-time multiplayer card duelling game. Both these apps have made it to the top of the list, while the famous mask app MSQRD and swipe game app Reigns take the runner-up spots in the app and game charts.

The others on the ’10 Best Apps of the Year’ list include Fitso Fitness and Running app, Folioscope, Hyper, Tinycards, Memrise, Meditation Studio, Quartz, and WiFire. The ’10 Best Games of the Year’ list includes Chameleon Run, FIFA Mobile Football, Plants vs Zombies, BLUK, Rodeo Stampede, PKTBALL, Rubek, and Steppy Pants apps. The Top Paid app in 2016 was the DSLR Camera app, while the top free app was WhatsApp Messenger. The app that made the most amount of money is Clash of the Clans. There’s a separate section for iPad apps and games as well, with different picks.

In the Mac App Store (US), the best selected Mac apps and games list includes Spark, Polarr Photo Editor, Mini Metro, Doo, XCOM 2, Darkest Dungeon, Day One, Layers of Fear, and OmniGraffle 7. As for India, the Mac App Store (India), the best apps and games include Human Resource Machines, Complete Anatomy, Filters for Photos, Infinite Tanks, Evoland 2, and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

The iTunes and iBooks Stores (US) have listed the best music, TV shows, movies, and books lists as well. The ‘Best Movies of 2016’ list for India includes Sultan, Sairat, and Deadpool. The ‘Best Songs of 2016’ list includes Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’s title song and Cheap Thrills from Sia.