8 Supercool Ways to Wear Palazzo Pants & Look Sexy

Palazzos are the latest trend in the fashion industry with a number of young women trying to emulate their favorite actresses with this hipster-ish clothing statement. It was a huge style statement back in the 1960’s and lost its way thereafter but has returned back now.

Many actresses across the globe are seen flaunting this piece of dress on various platforms and it is time now that you also flaunt your own range of palazzo pants for girls with style.

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Combining it with a Tee

For casual outings along with friends or family, you can carry off your Palazzos by combining them with a simple bright-colored tee. You don’t need to go overboard to style yourself in this look with heavy make-up or with jewelry. Keep things as casual and simple as you could.

Long-sleeved Shirts to accompany Palazzos

If you are looking for something a tad bit more flamboyant and elegantly than a normal casual outing, you can combine your palazzo pants with a long-sleeved shirt. For party-wear, you can choose to go with a more laced shirt while simple outings can be carried off perfectly with a lighter colored long-sleeved shirt.

Crop-Top to go with Palazzos

Summer is the perfect season to combine your crop-tops with the Palazzos in your closet. Their combination is a perfect shot to bring out the chicness and elegance in you. The type of crop-top doesn’t matter – you can either go with velvet or lace type crop-top on the type of look you want for the day or occasion.

Tank top combination with Palazzo

You can carry off another great casual outing look if you are able to combine your palazzo pants with tank tops. You can choose to add small accessories or jewelry as to suit yourself. You can also choose to wear a belt around the waistline of your Palazzo to get a new look.

Palazzo with Long Kurtas

If you want a more traditional look, you can always choose to carry off a kurta with your palazzo pants. Many people will complain that with a kurta and a Palazzo both being long and flowy won’t match with each other, the fact is that they look perfect together.

Jacket Top with Palazzos

If you think that Palazzos are a thing only for the summer than you should know that you can comfortably wear the cloth during winters also. Layer yourself with a casual top and longer winter jackets – denim or leather, as you feel comfortable in, along with the Palazzos for a great winter outfit.

Palazzo Suits

If you are comfortable with the idea of a kurta-Palazzo combination, then why not go for a complete Palazzo suit? Instead of going for the old fashioned salwar kameez, replace your salwar leggings with a palazzo and feel the comfort levels of the dress increase multi-fold times.

Formal Wear alongside Palazzo

The possibilities of combining your Palazzos with different clothes are limitless. One of the newest found traditions is to make Palazzo a part of your formal attire. You can combine the palazzo with a full-sleeve formal shirt or with a suit-coat to give you more of a formal look.

The Lasts Words

Palazzos are in demand currently in the fashion industry. The time has arrived to replace the pair of denims or leggings in your closet to a more comfortable Palazzo. You can wear the palazzo pants with a number of different clothing options. Casual, Party-wear, Traditional or Formal – you can choose to carry off any attire alongside your pants.

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