Plug and Play launches 9 new accelerator programs

The Plug and Play network of accelerators and corporate partnerships is launching nine new cohorts in various industry verticals. It’s the largest group ever for the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based firm that bills itself as the largest accelerator in the world.

In all, Plug and Play will host 175 startups operating within nine different industry segments. The categories include brand and retail, financial technologies, food and beverage, health and wellness, insurance technologies, the Internet of Things, mobility, new materials and packaging, and travel and hospitality.

Plug and Play has built up this assortment of accelerator programs over the past three years as a complement to the family office investment fund that was the first real success for the Amidi family, former rug merchants who parlayed some real estate investments into a deep network in Silicon Valley.

Founder Saeed Amidi has turned Plug and Play into a global network with spaces in São Paulo, Berlin, Calgary, Moscow, San Diego, Singapore, Sunnyvale, Valencia, Spain and Vancouver.

As of 2014, the company was also planning to launch new programs for Jordan, Mexico and Poland.

The Plug and Play approach contrasts with other big valley accelerators like Y Combinator (whose demo day wrapped up on Tuesday), which have maintained a base in the Valley and pride themselves on their independence.

At Plug and Play, the model has been to partner with corporations and expose large multinationals to the Valley’s startup culture.

In the U.S. Plug And Play’s strategy has been to partner with several corporations and concentrate its portfolio companies’ efforts on working with those partners around specific technologies.

For instance, the company recently launched a retail-focused program alongside a new Bitcoin accelerator. Amidi traces the partnership initiatives back to 2011, when Plug And Play began working with Volkswagen to introduce the German conglomerate to startups focused on auto-related technologies.

Other corporations embraced the idea, and Plug And Play’s partners now include an undisclosed insurance company in an insurance-focused accelerator track, and roughly 10 other auto-related corporations have inked deals with Plug And Play around its vehicle initiatives.

The new retail accelerator launched eight months ago, and will follow a similar road map, with an inner circle of “anchor” partners, and an ancillary group of relevant retailers and brands. The Plug And Play fund will invest in 20 to 30 startups in the retail accelerator, according to Plug And Play.

For a group of another 40 corporations, Plug And Play holds private startup introduction sessions on a bi-monthly basis — and for a fee. The firm said the idea was to provide an in-depth look at the early-stage companies from the 24 countries, 30 universities and in venture capital and angel investors’ portfolios. Corporations also sponsor events in addition to the work they do with accelerators.

While there are concerns that launching such a massive group of companies into the market could dilute both the Plug and Play brand and create a lot of noise in the particular industries in which these companies are looking to complete, the accelerator defends its practices.

“Our greatest competitive edge above all other accelerators in the world is that we have a very engaged corporate partnership program: 180 major corporations (versus the 80 we had at the end of 2015 and shows how the model is working) that sign up to the industry accelerator relevant to their interests,” according to a spokeswoman for the firm. “This has created a huge slingshot for our startup companies seeking significant clients, pilot programs, corporate investment, and acquisition.”

Facebook Live adds PC game and desktop live streaming

Facebook is taking a swing at Twitch while also one-upping its mobile live streaming video competitors. Today, all users can go Live directly from Facebook’s desktop website via their webcam, stream through professional equipment and software hooked up to a desktop and broadcast gameplay from their computer.

Previously, Facebook had only allowed Pages to stream from their desktop, not users, and only had limited gameplay streaming partnerships with game developers like Blizzard. There will now be a Live button on the desktop status update composer.


The ability to use streaming hardware and software to broadcast straight to the News Feed could allow creators to add on-screen graphics, titles and overlays to make their streams more fancy and polished. Here’s a step by step guide to how connecting hardware or software to Facebook Live works.

 Opening up on desktop takes Facebook Live beyond Twitter and Periscope’s options, and brings it into competition with longer-running services like YouTube, Ustream and Livestream, as well as startups like YouNow. Facebook tells me it foresees desktop streaming to be useful for activities like Q&As and vlogging where holding your phone in your hand might be shaky and annoying for both creators and viewers.

Facebook’s aggressive push into live streaming indicates its goal of owning the verb “Live,” and being the place people broadcast when there’s something worth sharing. While Periscope launched first in April 2015, Facebook quickly moved to roll out Live and add a Live API for broadcasting from professional equipment. Periscope only added an API yesterday. Now with the desktop launch, Facebook is looking to be a ubiquitous broadcasting tool.

While the content on Live might not be great yet, and there’s been some troubling broadcasts of violence that Facebook promises it’s working to prevent, it’s still early for the medium. If Facebook can lock-down the content type now, it could enjoy years of broadcasts that give it exclusive content to attract users to the News Feed and space to run lucrative video ad breaks. While mobile is always Facebook’s focus, adding desktop streaming means you can broadcast however you like.

The Truth About the Ghreleptin Diet Pill


Getting thinner is dependably the fantasy of numerous. It is most likely everybody’s New Year determination. Notwithstanding, a great many people can’t begin in their schedule. They say that you should be in that same routine for 21 days to try and call it a “schedule”. A few people likewise might just want to do it the less demanding way-the alternate way. If you would one say one are of these individuals why not attempt weight loss hormones ghrelin and leptin with the help of dianabol 10?

Amid the late spring months it appears it is less demanding to keep the pounds off. In the first place, everybody is more dynamic since we have longer days and the weather outside is typically agreeable for long strolls, running, tennis and other games that keep us moving. We are additionally more prone to watch what we eat since we realize that swimsuit looks better with our svelte bodies. In any case, then the winter comes and we are stuck in the house with little exercise, shorter days and nothing to do, yet stuff ourselves. Also the Holidays and all the lavish foods that overwhelmingly come into our lives.

So what does weight loss hormones ghrelin and leptin do? In all actuality these weight-related hormones were consolidated into only one diet pill which is known as the Ghreleptin diet pill. Studies demonstrate this is the principal diet pill to utilize this sort of idea which is again the weight loss hormones ghrelin and leptin. Since ghrelin is in charge of the hunger longs for and yearning this diet pill diminishes this hormone. How does this diet pill do it? They mix around 770mg of extractions from 10 organic products to be specific the raspberry ketones, guarana natural product, intense orange, to give some examples.

So how would we battle each one of those swelling foods from connecting themselves to our adorable little tush? All things considered, leading don’t whip yourself for putting beats on amid the disheartening winter months. This is something practically everybody battles with, even the individuals who do an indistinguishable things in winter from they do in summer, appear to put on weight amid the frosty weather. It isn’t a marvel so there truly is an answer for remaining trim and fit all year. There are numerous approaches to remain sound and abstain from gaining all the weight, we simply need to take in a couple of traps.

So what would users be able to of weight loss hormones ghrelin and leptin anticipate? All things considered, clients of the weight loss hormones ghrelin and leptin ought to have a quicker digestion, minimize in their yearnings and craving, not holding abundance water, feeling full at a more drawn out time after dinners and it can likewise make your skin look fresher, hydrated and looking youthful. The vast majority of those individuals who have utilized weight loss hormones ghrelin and leptin guaranteed that they have lose around 6 to 8 pounds in 30 days. A few people did not lose much weight (around just 3 pounds) but rather have guaranteed that they lost around 2-3 crawls from their earlier unique midsection line. The best thing about this diet pill is that it utilizes just leafy foods that can ensure that it is sheltered and not unsafe to anyone’s wellbeing.

Shades of Winter 2016-17

Fur, boots, snow and hot chocolate the season brings a lot that we love, well, the winter lovers will relate. Winters speak of festivities, dark tones, hot chocolate and the cold breeze! The weather essays dark and neutral tones but there’s delightful mystery in these shades, the winter shades. Well, we decode the best shades for you to sport this winter.


  1. Rich Browns

Wood, chocolate or seal brown, the rich tones will be ruling the season. They speak of classy persona who loves to sport the subtle yet rich tones of browns.


  1. Tan

More into the neutral genre the color blends well with blues, maroons and white. Which clearly is a perfect color tone to experiment with.

  1. Crisp Gray

Oh! for the love of grays, the shade is minimalistic and is favorite. The color rules in majority section, it is implored as sophisticated and classy color to sport on.


  1. Blue

A safe favorite for all seasons I will say. But there are some rugged and dark tones of blue that should be put to experiment in the season. Blues always work best with whites!

  1. Pretty Pink

For the ones who cannot ditch Pinks, because common, it is Pink J
Well, pastel pinks are a thing this winter, so shy not and get all your rosy, salmon and baby pink picks ready!


  1. Fresh Mint

Pastel mint is a fresh and dewy shade which brings radiant and refreshing vibes. You can try mixing the color with whites and denim to create the perfect winter look!

  1. Marsala Magic

The Pantone shade came out as a stunner, rich, exotic and seductive. You can play around the fair with the color mix and match with darks and neutrals to work it up.

  1. Bold Black

Black is well, black!
Nothing beats the color, its mysterious, blunt and very own. All you black shade lovers will understand, if nothing works black saves the day!

And winters and blacks are an inseparable affair, we love black sweatshirts, sweaters, boots, trench coats and oh! we love everything black!!

You can find all the range of Winter wear outfits only at Shoppers Stop.

Create a brand in building ambitious websites

For expansion or growth of any business website is a must. Usually,people today access internet for their needful services or products. And why not when a website provides them with multiple benefits? It won’t be wrong if we regard today’s world a website world. Creating a website is one of the foremosttools for taking your business to the next level. When you create a website then you are able to get in touch with millions of users at the same time which is not otherwise possible. For an effective and result oriented website Ember Js certification can help you with all the tools that you need to build an ambitious website.

Image result for Create a brand in building ambitious websites

Lack of website is like losing a great business opportunity. A well-developed website helps in meeting ample marketing strategies that help your business grow. You know your consumers, but how they will get to know about your product until and unless you have some safe place to display it. Driving down to the local market is out of fashion these days. The smart phone has brought markets under the swipe of a finger. Ember Js certification in Dallas will assist you as to how you can develop a cost effective web portal.

The website that is developed strategically provides tremendous benefits enticing creepers and crawlers to it. The website is a place that helps you remain in touch with your business around the clock. No matter what is the day or hour your products are easily accessible by the consumers thus increasing your business manifold.

Ember Js certification facilitates user friendly website where your single click opens up numerous gateways of earning goodwill and business. In any business customer care is the services that cannot be ignored. A satisfied customer is a repeated customer. When you provide multiple benefits to the clients then they will repeatedly visit your web portal and use the product sold by you. This is the charm of well-designed website that you get to learn through this specific Ember Js training.

Weather conditions and health problems are some of the valid reasons that keep the customers stick to their home. They wish they could get the needful things at home. Online shopping through website provides them with opportunity of ordering different things sitting at the comfort of their couch and that too any time unlike you’re a.m. to p.m. grocery store. The hectic work of shopping is eased with technology and websites and yes! The credit goes to your well-built websites.

Creating a website is one of the most approachable platforms of digital marketing where you attract millions of consumers at a time and many more, every minute. With so many consumers accessing your website surely brings good business to you thus increasing your earning power. With fewer expenses you are able to target maximum clients and that too in a short span of time. When you are able to create such marvelous website soon you will be able to create your own exclusive brand thus opening ample ways of employment opportunities in this field for yourself.

How to be a perfect Business Analyst

Role of a business analyst is huge for a company. He or she will be leading the company, its projects and its market from the front. Thus, the package that he or she gets from the company is also different from all others. A business analyst’s position is not only within the company. You can run your own show too. Many small and mid sized firms prefer to hire business analyst for their work temporarily. So, as an entrepreneur too, there is ample value of yours, when you turn yourself as a business analyst. However, for that there is need to be the best in the market. To be like that get through the Business Analyst Certification at first.

Image result for How to be a perfect Business Analyst

Quality of a perfect business analyst

If you are willing to be a prominent personnel as a business analyst, here are some of the needful qualities that you must develop within. All of them will be turning more and more projects toward you.

Technical Writing skills and communication skills

A business analyst will have no value if he alone understands what is going on. He will have to make the team and the company understand the results you have developed out from the analysis. Hence, along with the analytic skills, there is also the need of good communication skills. This will include verbal communicating skills as well as the skill to write, since the same will have to be circulated in the company and before the BOD in the form of modules.

Engineering concepts

Along with the business understanding, it is equally important to understand and express the analysis in engineering and technical form. The laymen and the management will be interacting with you based on the general business analytic, while on the other hand, engineers and technical staffs will be interacting with you in terms of technical terms. If you are not comfortable in those terms, you will not get the rest assignments.

Cost analysis

A business analyst will be encountered by almost all parts of the companies. The project team will be interacting in technical terms and on the other side the business management team will be interacting in business modules. The financial team will be asking the cost benefit analysis. So, the ratios are also to be kept ready with you, for illustration.

Model development and leading

Finally, you will have to develop the model, based on which the entire firm will be operating. Unless this model is with you, the entire team will be least focused. There will be many who will try to understand the things from the very core, but most f the employees like to get the instruction and they will be doing the work accordingly. This is possible only when you have the model ready for them. You will also have to show the path through which the entire team will be leaded.

With the few things that are mentioned above, you can be the top Analyst in the city or even for the companies. To find all those qualities in you, go through the Business Analyst Certification In Mumbai.

ISIS Reportedly Using Telegram Messenger App to Avoid Detection in Pakistan

The Islamic State militants in Pakistan are dodging authorities by using a messenger app to communicate instead of calling each other to avoid detection, media reported on Friday.

The militants have been using the Telegram messenger app and not the traditional communication channels like mobile phones to avoid detection and so far their strategy has proved more than successful, a police official was quoted as saying by The Express Tribune.

ISIS Reportedly Using Telegram Messenger App to Avoid Detection in Pakistan

The application has proved beneficial for militants to communicate and the most important feature is that it is ‘self-destructible’, he said.

“Once a voice message is sent via Telegram app it is deleted automatically from the phone so you have no backup and that is why it is currently impossible for the police and intelligence agencies to intercept it,” he said.

The official said that this app was the only way of communication in addition to verbal communication in which messengers (people) are sent to inform other members.

“With the passage of time, the introduction of technology has changed the entire scenario. It is a game changer, especially when policemen have a phobia for technology while the terrorists do not,” he added.

The militants were forced to stop use of mobile phone due to tough measures by Pakistan to stop issuing of SIM cards to fake persons. Hundreds and thousands of SIMs have been blocked in the country since the crackdown launched in 2014.

But the police official claimed that pre-activated SIMs are still available openly for a few thousand rupees and these terrorists buy them.

“Some of the shopkeepers are still in the business of selling pre-activated SIMs due to higher profit margins. They trick innocent people and take their fingerprints, as well as CNIC numbers, and activate SIMs on it that are then sold to criminals and all kinds of people and these SIMs are used by terrorists also,” he said.

The Islamic State has been involved in several attacks in Pakistan but the authorities never acknowledged that the group has an organized presence in the country.

Reliance Jio, Paytm Apologise for Using Prime Minister Modi’s Photo in Ads

Reliance Jio and Paytm have apologised for their “inadvertent mistake” in using Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photograph in their advertisements without permission, the government Friday informed Parliament.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs had sent notices to both the companies under the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act of 1950, which bars use of Prime Minister’s name and picture for commercial use.

Reliance Jio, Paytm Apologise for Using Prime Minister Modi's Photo in Ads

“Clarifications were sought by the Department of Consumer Affairs from Paytm and Reliance Jio wherein they have apologised for their inadvertent mistake,” Minister of State for Consumer Affairs C R Chaudhary said in a written reply to the Rajya Sabha.

The two companies used the photograph of the Prime Minister in their respective full page advertisements contravening the ‘prior permission’ stipulated under the Act, he said.

Based on the department’s request, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry has issued an advisory to print medium to check-up the permission from competent authority before issuing any advertisement wherein the emblem and names specified under the Act are mentioned, he added.

Responding to a query whether there is any mechanism to approve use of Prime Minister’s photo by private firms or if the government plans to introduce one, the minister said a committee is in place to examine such proposals.

The Section 3 of the Act provides that no person shall use or continue to use any name or emblem for the purpose of any trade, business, calling or profession without the previous permission of the central government.

The law provides that “any person who contravenes the provisions of Section 3 shall be punishable with fine, which may exceed to Rs. 500”.

In September last year, Reliance Jio had through its advertisements, dedicated the Reliance Jio 4G service to the PM Modi government’s flagship Digital India project. Full-page “Reliance Jio: Digital Life” advertisements were published with a photograph of the Prime Minister, dressed in a blue jacket, triggering a political controversy.

After the government announced the demonetisation decision on 8 November, Paytm issued an advertisement welcoming the move as it boosted use of e-wallets.

Live life different way

Every day more and more technology is developed to make your life easier. These technologies range from smartphones to smartwatches to smartlights and more. But a favorite newer smart item that homeowners love is smart thermostats — specifically Carrier’s Infinity Touch Thermostat. Want to know why? Here are six really cool features of the Infinity Touch you will love.

Customizable Scheduling


Image via Flickr by DataAngel

Not every day of your life is the same, so why should your daily heating and cooling needs be? With the Infinity Touch thermostat, you can customize your heating and cooling schedule. Maximize your programmable thermostat’s potential by adjusting the schedule to fit the specific days and times that you are home and away, and when you want to be hotter or cooler. Preset the temperature to warm in the morning so that you don’t get out of bed to a cold house. Customize the schedule fit your needs.

Vacation Setting

Are you going away on vacation, or are there times when you are away for more than a day? If so, take advantage of the vacation settings. In addition to the regular daily schedule you set, you can set a vacation setting that reduces the amount of energy used to heat and cool your home.

Weather Forecasting

If you are worried that your outdoor temperatures are going to change during the week and that your customizable schedule is not set to meet your heating and cooling needs, just take a look at the weather forecasting on your Infinity Touch thermostat. Not only can you see what the weather is today, but you can look four days into the future and see outdoor temperatures as well as precipitation predictions.


Just because you put your Infinity Touch thermostat on a customized schedule doesn’t mean that periodically you aren’t going to want to change the temperature. With the Infinity Touch thermostat, all you have to do is tap the Touch-N-Go icon and change your temperature to something more comfortable. It really is that simple.

Track Energy Spending

The app that comes with your Infinity Touch thermostat allows you to do many things including track your energy spending. The app can create reports to show you how much energy you are using daily, monthly, and annually. You can compare months or even make year-to-year comparisons. It is all great information for anyone looking to manage their energy spending.

Photo Upload

Most thermostats are not what you would call attractive features on your wall. In fact, you probably try to hide it among art or other wall hangings. But, with the Infinity Touch, you no longer need to hide it. Instead, upload a photo of your choice and transform the sleep screen into a framed photograph. Place other framed photos around your thermostat and see how easily the thermostat blends into your collage.

Now you know why so many people are raving about Carrier’s Infinity Touch — you too will love it if you just give it a try.