Unravelling Duromine: Facts and Myths

Duromine is the brand name of the drug which has been used to control one’s appetite.  The active ingredient of the drug is Phentermine. Durominecontains aresin which allows the slow release of the drug into the blood which helps in controlling one’s satiety level. This increases the availability of the drug in the body that prolongs the effect of the drug in the body.It is due to this effect that it has been used for the controlling the weight loss in obese people. It has been observed that in most cases the people suffering from obesity do not want to face the truth or are ignorant of the fact that they are obese. It is due to this reason this negligence which aggravates the problems and makes a person prone to some serious diseases like high cholesterol and high blood pressure.


Duromine is a drug that leads loss of weight in the obese people.  It is FDA recommendeddrug for obese people who have a body mass index (BMI) for more than 30. The greater is this number of the BMI is to 30; the more is the chance of a person getting prescribed that drug. In such cases, doctors recommend patient to change their lifestyle by changing their diet as well as introduce regular exercise in their schedule. This drug works on the central nervous system stimulating it to produce hormones which restrict one’s food intake by controlling the satiety level of a person. Any person who does not get the desired effect of the Duromine might not be following the doctor’s advice properly. Many studies show that incorporate vigorous exercise might lead to effective weight loss. In many cases people using it lose upto 2-5lbs per week.

Effects of Duromine use

There are many effects of the drug use in people.  Many people have problems that include insomnia (sleeping disorder). In some cases, it might lead to increase in energy, headaches, change in libido or lightheadedness.  In such conditions, people are suggested to consult the doctor.  People should adhere to the diet that has been recommended by the doctor along with regular exercise to have the effective weight loss by Duromine use.

Dosage of the drug

In first time users, it recommended wait time of two weeks before observing any significant changes in the body. But this effect varies from person to person. It depends mainly on a person’s habits, exercising schedule and dieting patterns.  It has been encouraged in users to drink a lot of water and control the calorie intake by diet and regular exercise to get the desired effect. Any Duromine weight loss program must be done under the doctor’s supervision. In most cases, doctors recommend the use of any of the three strength of drug like 15mg, 30mg or 45mg to lose weight. It is normally taken once a day in the morning to get the desired effect. Many studies show that in combination with all theregular exercise and healthy diet can not only lead to loss of weight but also can cause lifestyle changes in the user. This kind of treatment helps the body to go for a healthier lifestyle.

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