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Eastern countries, mostly Asian countries, like the Philippines have always been amazed by the ingenuity of US products. If we walk through streets of Korea, Malaysia and other countries in the east, we will see at least 80 percent of the population are wearing or using US products. Although technologies developed in Japan and Singapore are already closely competing with the US brands, the mentality of people for products made in the US still has a different presentation. The consumer, most often, picks a product just simply because it is made in the US. However, not all US products are made in their own soil. Most of them are designed in the US but assembled in Asian countries, mostly China.

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There are iconic brands such as Mattel, Inc., the maker of Barbie, which used to manufacture in the United States. However, the main concern of manufacturing in the US is the high cost of labor and expensive cost of goods. Mattel, Inc. Headquarters remain in California but it sends 65% of the manufacturing to China. China cost of labor is one of the cheapest in the world. Most manufacturing is outsourced to China because of this fact. They also have wide spaces to build manufacturing plants.

Aside from toy companies, clothing brands have also outsourced the manufacturing in the east. Levi’s Jeans and Converse Chuck Taylors are some of the brands. Levi’s Strauss has been one of the oldest companies manufacturing denim blue jeans. Their products are known to be durable and have been a symbol America through the years. Today, it has shifted its mass production in Southern American and Asia. Converse Chuck Taylors, famous by its short name “chucks”, were so popular back in the old days. In 1997, they sold the world-breaking record of 550 million pairs of shoes. However, the hype of the product was not sustained and a lot of competitors began the market similar products, the sales in declined causing the US factory’s shutdown. Now, they have shifted their production to Asia to reduce costs and sustain the company.

The most popular item on the list would be Apple products. Apple has brought a lot of innovation to technology. A number of people have found so much ease in their lives by using their iPhones, iPad and Mac Books. The technology was designed by Silicon Valley’s best engineers. Although it originates in California, Apple outsources 100 percent of its manufacturing and production in China. If you notice, it is written at the back of the products, “Designed by Apple in California, Assemble in China”. This shows that even the most popular brands think very practical. However, due to recent events, this mindset is slowly starting the shift back to how it was way back where production was done in the country.

In the whole of America, approximately 98 percent of shoes and apparel sold are produced overseas. Current Trump news states that the direction of the new government is to bring back manufacturing in the US. He has imposed a Big Border Tax for US Manufacturers wanting to move their production overseas. All shipments are taxed accordingly. However, there have been a lot of speculations that to start the regime, the leader must lead by example. Bashers have been highlighting that the Donald J. Trump Collection and even her daughter, Ivanka’s clothing line, to have entered the US without the said tax. Clearly, the slogan campaign “Made in America” has no strict implementation and corruption has still prevailed. It will still be a long transition before companies can completely move their production back to the US.

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