These Hot Dogs Will Change The Way You Think About BLTs

You probably think a bacon-wrapped hot dog is over-the-top decadent. And you’re mostly correct. Smoky meat wrapped around more meat is a lot. But it doesn’t taste like too much in these BLT dogs. With the tomatoes and lettuce, these are seriously fresh.

BLT Hot Dogs

No joke. Even with the mayo, the dogs tasted bright and summery, just like a BLT should. Only these are way better. Because hot dogs! Maybe you don’t want to love them, but deep down you know you do.

BLT Hot Dogs

Making them isn’t much harder than throwing the franks on the grill. Wrap each one with a slice of bacon, secure the ends with toothpicks, then bake in a 425° oven until the bacon is crispy (about 20 minutes). We tried to pan-fry the dogs, and the results were messy and inconsistent. The bacon wasn’t evenly cooked and they looked crazy. Baking is a much easier, neater process.

BLT Dogs

As far as the lettuce goes, use something crunchy like romaine. And to make the whole thing easier to make, shred it. Mayo is mandatory as are juicy red tomatoes which, luckily, are almost in season.

One bite, and you’ll never want a regular sandwich again, only a bacon-wrapped hot dog will do.


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