Common ailment and complaint for more than 50 million Americans of all ages every year

As much as we hate allergies, they’re a common ailment and complaint for more than 50 million Americans of all ages every year. While you may identify major allergen sources outside your home, like pollen, the reality is that tons of allergens can lurk inside your home, too. The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology cites indoor causes like cockroaches, dust mites, and pet dander as major allergens in perennial allergic rhinitis. To help your kids survive their allergies, you can take several steps to eliminate the allergens in your home.

Take your HVAC system. The HVAC system can be part of the allergen problem or part of the solution, and its role is largely up to you. If you keep your HVAC system maintained well and change your filters regularly, it will help eliminate allergens in your indoor air. But, leave that HVAC system without any maintenance and holding a dirty filter? You’re sending dust mites and mold spores throughout your house on an endless loop.

To help the HVAC system, energy-recovery ventilators, UV lamps, and air cleaners are extra implements you can use. If your child is one of the seven million who suffers from asthma, these extras become necessities. As you can see, you can do a lot with just one part of your home environment. Check out the Easing Allergies for Kids infographic to discover other measures you can take. You might be surprised to discover that things like diet have a big impact on allergies.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software: Find Your Way Through The Most Reliable Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data recovery software has gotten several positive reviews from all over the world, through a number of tech reviews and customers. The software has been the foremost choice of users, due to the flexibility it provides to the user in terms of recovering the files.

Just like all other data recovery software out there, EaseUS data recovery software offers user the ability to recover deleted files or folders. The software is able to recover data from various situations, such as software failure, mac data recovery, virus attacks, OS crash, hard disk failure, lost partitions etc. The software features an interactive interface along with easy-to-use tools to make the recovery process much simpler.

To use this software, no prior technical knowledge is required. A beginner can easily use the software, without needing any assistance.

The software makes use of data remnants for recovering the deleted files. Data remnants are pieces of data left behind when a file is deleted. By finding these remnants in the memory, the software is able to compile them together and recover the desired file.


EaseUS Data recovery software can easily be downloaded from the official website of the software. The software is available in three different versions, which are Free, Pro, Pro+WinPE.

Each of the version comes with its own benefits and advantages. The first package, which is free, comes with no cost, but a person can only recover 2 GB worth of data with it. If a person wishes to recover more, they have to purchase the Pro or Pro+WinPE version, which comes with additional technical support, unlimited amount of data recovery and much more.

The scanning process is comprised up of two different scan modes, which are the quick scan mode and the deep scan mode. Before the scanning process is started, the user must select a drive whether it will commence.

The Recovery Process

Once the location has been set, the quick search mode is initiated. As the name suggests, the quick search mode offers a reliable and fast experience, especiallyfor recycle bin recovery, by delivering results in a few minutes. This search mode quickly scans the memory for all data remnants that were left by recently deleted files. After this mode ends, the results are displayed and the deep search mode is automatically initiated. The deep search mode, in contrast to quick search mode, takes a much larger time to scan due to its advanced nature to dive deeper into the memory and search for data remnants that were previously left by the initial search.

Once both the scan modes are done scanning, all the results are displayed on the screen. The files are readily available for recovery as soon as they are displayed, and multiple files can be recovered at the same time. The files can also be filtered according to file types for easier navigation through them. If you want to search for a specific file, you can do so by using the search bar. Other than this, the preview feature is also available, which allows you to view the content of the file before recovering it.