Being capable of driving on the highway is indeed an achievement for many. One should nurture their set of skills and utilize them to the best while driving on the roads. For first timers especially teens, driving on the highway seem a bit challenging.Yet one can always master the art and perfect his skills if they follow a given set of rules with patience and concentrate on what they do. One of the reasons why may teenagers meet with accidents on roads is because of the absence of planning or experience


Here are 10 essential driving tips to remember when you plan to drive on the highway for the first time.

  1. Pick the perfect time to begin driving

You have to pick the right time and place when you decide to drive on the highway for the first time. Consider beginning off on a roadway that isn’t excessively occupied, or amid a period of day when traffic is comparatively low. The weather conditions also matter, pick a day that is not cloudy or when there is no snow or mist as such things could diminish sight. It is advisable to begin driving early morning.

  1. Adjust accordingly when the path changes.

Building up appropriate speed and space stays key to dealing with a path change on an interstate. Maintain a safe distance between your car and other vehicles in front of you as you move. Ideally the safest distance is to follow the 3 second rule.Constantly check the back view, side-see mirror and blind side before exchanging over and never forget to switch on the indicator when you change sides. More space implies you have more opportunity to maintain a strategic distance from a crash or respond to flotsam and jetsam on the way.

  1. Speed Limit

Before you start driving on any route, do a little research and familiarize yourself with the speed limit. When you have chosen the course, ensure you remain inside as far as possible. Over speeding never did anyone any good, it will only increase the probability of accidents. Even if you are running out of time or might arrive your destination late, never cross the speed limit. Remember your life is more precious than anything else.

  1. Watch Out For Trucks

Trucks are still used for transporting goods from one end of the country to the other and since truck drivers’ drive for longer durations most of them are usually sleep deprived. You should always keep your eyes open ad maintain a strategic distance from the trucks. In the event that any truck driver loses control, the journey could turn into havoc.

  1. Keep your cool while driving

When you drive on the roads you have a social responsibility. You become not only responsible of your own life but also of others life. Keep your calm when you are on the roads and don’t lose your patience or pick up with arguments for others. Remember that it is okay to make errors since not all drivers are flawless but you should always have the ability to keep your calm.

  1. Remain concentrated out and about

According to reports drivers who are 20 years or less meet with accidents the most due to lack of concentration or because of getting distracted.  Try not to utilize your telephone, attempt to change music or be diverted by conversing with companions while driving on the highway. Look straight and focus only on driving and don’t try to multi-task.

  1. Read the Road Signs

Familiarize yourself with all the road signs and traffic signals before you start driving on the highway. This will help you to know about any upcoming hills, bridges and much more.

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