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What To Wear To Glastonbury

WHEN it comes to festival fashion, it’s important to be a woman of all seasons. Whether you’re basking in the (fingers crossed) British sunshine at Glastonbury or trudging along in glorious countryside mud, crochet bralets alone won’t protect you from the impending evening chill. Come prepared by wrapping a Valentino camo jacket round your waist and ready yourself for rainfall with a tangerine bucket hat from Miu Miu. Rejuvenate your go-to shoe staples with Hunter welly-booties offset by flashes of metallics and Seventies-inspired florals. Most importantly, don’t get sucked into cliché territory; there’s a lot more to festivals than flower crowns. Shop Vogue‘s carefully compiled outfits now for a headline-worthy festival wardrobe.


Emma Watson Pays Homage To Her “Beauty And The Beast” Style

EMMA WATSON had a princess moment in Miu Miu last night, at the Paris premiere of her new film The Circle.

The actress, who has been building up a refined red-carpet persona with the help of stylist Sarah Slutsky, proved that even she is immune to the allure of Miuccia Prada’s crystal-covered designs. Eschewing her now-signature jumpsuits and block-coloured dresses with interesting neck and slit-hem detail, Watson wore a custom white satin gown covered in a crystal-embellished floral print. It was less formal, and more fantastical than her recent refined wardrobe choices.


Her sweeping Miu Miu evoked the star’s fairytale wardrobe as Belle in the recent Disney adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. The cascading hip peplum on last night’s look a nod to the frothy tulle layers on the yellow gown Belle wears in the film’s ballroom finale.


The press tour of Beauty and the Beast saw Watson play up to her Disney character, with a wardrobe of highly embellished Elie Saab Couture and caped Emilia Wickstead dresses. It’s been some three months since her last junket for the film and long enough for her to miss the fairytale wardrobe. Last night’s Miu Miu dress was proof that the actress, who is a trailblazer for eco-conscious red carpet wear and a dedicated United Nations ambassador, is fond of a princess moment now and again, too.

If You Must Use Face Wipes, Use These


When face wipes arrived on the scene, make-up-wearers everywhere couldn’t believe their luck. Promising to remove all make-up and impurities in a simple swipe, they seemed the ultimate time-saver in a world of sticky balms, muslins and three-step cleanse and tone routines.

However soon our hopes were crushed as dermatologists warned that they could cause dryness due to the alcohol content, wrinkles due to the scrubbing action many of us employ when using them and breakouts due to impurities either left on the face or simply moved around the face by the wipes.

Truthfully, there’s no real substitute for washing your face. On top of that, modern cleansers are so sophisticated, efficient and tailored to specific needs that wipes feel almost redundant in a savvy skincare kit. But wipes are like many common vices. No, we shouldn’t use them every day and no, they might not remove every last trace of make-up, but there’s a time and a place where nothing else will do. Think festivals, late nights, plane journeys and thrown in with your workout kit for speedy make-up removal pre- and post-gym. Yes they have their flaws, but sometimes a cleansing regime you can perform from the comfort of your bed is the only appealing one.

The golden rules, then, are to use them sparingly – no lazy evenings in or standard weeknights – to choose high-quality wipes with gentler ingredients, and to wash your face afterwards where possible, even if just with water. If you have a thorough and more carefully-curated skincare regime most of the time, the occasional wipe isn’t going to undo all of your good work. Let’s face it, sometimes convenience wins. With that in mind, see Vogue‘s pick of the best here.


Miranda Kerr Embroiled In Jewellery Scam

THE jewellery Miranda Kerr received from former partner Jho Low was bought with stolen money from a Malaysian development fund, according to reports emerging from the US.

Kerr dated the Malaysian financier after separating from ex-husbandOrlando Bloom in 2013, and prior to meeting her husband, Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel, in 2016. From Valentine’s Day 2014, Low is said to have started gifting the model jewellery with million-pound price tags.

For his first gift to Kerr, Low looked to Lorraine Schwartz. He told the American jeweller, who supplied Kanye West with the 15 carat engagement ring he gave to Kim Kardashian in 2013, that he had $1 million to $2 million to spend, and that size mattered. Low settled on a $1.29 million, 11.72 carat heart-shaped diamond engraved with Kerr’s initials, Teen Voguereports.

In November 2014, Low spent $3.8 million on an 8.88 carat diamond pendant for his then-girlfriend. A $1.98 million pair of 11 carat diamond earrings with a matching necklace, ring and bracelet quickly followed. All of these gifts are said to have been bought with some of the $4.5 billion Low stole from a Malaysian development fund.

The US Justice Department is attempting to seize back assets, including property, art, a yacht and a jet, that are alleged to have been bought with the money. Kerr is said to currently still be in possession of her gifts, but is cooperating with the investigation.

Leonardo DiCaprio is also said to be embroiled in the incident, and is returning the $13 million art that was given to him by a Hollywood production company, Red Granite, which is connected to Low.


You can look taller than what you are. Just follow these 6 simple style tricks

If you are short or of average height, you may sometimes wish to look taller than you are. You can do that by dressing smartly. Even medical experts say being short or of average height has its pros and cons.

According to a study by Indian-origin cardiovascular expert, Nilesh Samani, of the University of Leicester, every 2.5 inches change in your height affects your risk of coronary heart disease by 13.5%. However, there is a positive side to it as well. If you are moderately short or even short, one study suggests that if you are about 5 feet 9 inches and under, you could be enjoying sex better and plenty.

Whatever keeps you happy, here are some styling tricks from experts on how you can dress to look tall:

Well-fitted flared jeans that have a long hemline will instantly make your legs look longer.

Deep and elongated V neck dresses and tops automatically shift the focus to the upper half of your body and will subtly take away the focus from your legs, while adding glamour and style to your outfit.

Maxi dresses look good on all body shapes and heights. Pairing up heels with your maxi dress is a win-win as it enhances your body shape and add a few inches at the same time.

Shoes for short men are critical as they can have a lengthening effect. But ensure that the shoes don’t contrast too much with the trousers. The low contrast will visually elongate legs.

Topcoats that fall to the mid-thigh area helps to lengthen the torso and create the illusion of height. Just make sure that it doesn’t contrast heavily with the rest of the outfit.

Keep them slim. It’s best if they are no thicker than 1.5 inches and shouldn’t contrast too heavily with your outfit. Thin belts or no belts make you look tall. Also, suspenders are a refreshing way to add to the vertical visual effect. Plus they look classy.

– Inputs from Salesh Grover, business head, OSL Luxury Collections and Vandana Anurag, founder The Parisian Boudoir (an online multi-brand boutique).

Five reasons to visit Somerset House’s pongy new show ‘Perfume’

Designs on Paris for Adelaide Fashion Festival designer Cristina Tridente’s new collection

CRISTINA Tridente is unveiling a sneak peek of her new couture+love+madness collection in a Parisienne setting.

The Adelaide designer will officially launch the 12-piece collection at this year’s Adelaide Fashion Festival, which runs October 11 to 15.

In the lead up, Ms Tridente is giving The Advertiser an exclusive first look at one of her campaign images.

As the first South Australian to be accepted into London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins, Ms Tridente will complete an intensive course there next month.

In the lead-up she is exploring Europe and, earlier this month, met fashion photographer Weronika Mamot in Paris.

Polish-born Ms Mamot, who lives in Adelaide and travelled to France especially for the couture+love+madness project, took a series of photographs to showcase the collection.

They include a stunning image of model Romaine Aiassa, from Paris agency Jana Hernette.

Wearing a couture+love+madness brocade jumpsuit with a detachable skirt, she is holding a golden flower handcrafted from aluminium by Ms Tridente.

“It’s a modern take on bridal,” Ms Tridente said, adding the Eiffel Tower in the distance provided the perfect backdrop.

“The collection has a Parisienne feel.’’

Nyx Is Having The Most Epic Sale Of The Season

It is universally understood among beauty enthusiasts that — when you’re on the hunt for high-quality makeup with an endless array of color choices at a perfectly reasonable price point — you head straight to Nyx. Even better than the brand’s all-encompassing collection of every type of product and finish you could dream of? The fact that right now, a huge selection of its bestselling, most summer-ready picks are available for up to 30% off the usual price.

Until June 30, you’ll be able to shop your personal faves, plus everything else you’ve been dying to try this season, at a major discount. We’re talking liquid lipsticks for under $5 and versatile, on-trend eye pencils for $3.15. This sale is so good, it almost feels like stealing — and it’s not the only exciting thing coming out of Nyx in the coming months.
The company is also gearing up to drop some exciting brand-new launches very soon, so now’s the perfect time to stock up on your summer necessities before you can get your hands on the fresh crop of releases, too. Think of it as whetting your appetite for what’s to come. Ahead, some of our top picks from the sale. We apologize in advance if you lose control of your Add to Cart reflex and accidentally buy them all.
There is no such thing as too many highlighters, especially when these light-reflecting liquids exist. In shades ranging from pearly white Moon Glow to the pale lavender State of Flux, the irresistibly shimmery finish will make you want to collect them all.

Nyx Away We Glow Liquid Highlighter, $4.90 (reg. $7), available at Nyx Cosmetics.

Not all of the 45 (!) shades of this smooth, pigment-rich matte lipstick are on sale this time around, but of the discounted options available, the vivid orange-red Indie Flick is the biggest standout. It’ll brighten your complexion with just one swipe and — dare we say it? — is the closest you’ll get to universally flattering.

Nyx Matte Lipstick, $4.20 (reg. $6), available at Nyx Cosmetics.

These pint-sized pots of bold color are excellent as eyeshadows, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t use them as liners, blush, or even accents to your most creative looks.

Nyx Vivid Brights Crème Colour, $7 (reg. $10), available at Nyx Cosmetics.

This cult-favorite formula is one of the brand’s all-time best-sellers, and it’s no wonder why: The lightweight, creamy texture dries down to a velvety matte finish that lasts all day. Each of the 34 color options are named after cities all over the world.

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream, $4.20 (reg. $6), available at Nyx Cosmetics.

This palette isn’t just comprehensive, with four highlighters and four contouring shades for all your face-sculpting needs: It’s also refillable, so when you hit pan on one you can just swap it out for one of the singles without having to repurchase the entire set.

Nyx Highlight & Contour Pro Palette, $17.50 (reg. $25), available at Nyx Cosmetics.

As pretty on skin as it is in the pan, this powder blush features a tone-on-tone gradient that blends together seamlessly for the perfect multidimensional flush.

Nyx Ombré Blush, $7 (reg. $10), available at Nyx Cosmetics.

Eye makeup has never been easier than with this chunky pencil, which is versatile enough to be used as an eyeliner or shadow. A smoldering rusty shade, aptly named Rust, is the ideal unexpected shade for summer.

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil, $3.15 (reg. $4.50), available at Nyx Cosmetics.

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Meet Cassie Holland, The Designer Behind ‘It’ Knit Label HADES

Anxiety, melancholy, unrequited love: not phrases last seen in the sacred space of our teenage diaries, but a handful of the pensive slogans embroidered in cursive onto the latest block colour knits from ‘it’ label HADES.

Titled ‘Inner Privacy,’ the inspirations behind self-taught designer Cassie Holland’s sophomore collection are certainly esoteric. After celebrating her favourite bands with her debut (sell-out) knitwear drop, named ‘Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others’ in homage to The Smiths, this season’s starting point came courtesy of Virginia Woolf: specifically, her musings on selfhood in the landmark novel Mrs Dalloway. From a millenial pink knit emblazoned with ‘Bonjour Tristesse’ to a ‘Melancholy’ crew-neck in moody duck-egg blue, the results are what your wardrobe (and Instagram feed) have been crying out for…

Hi Cassie! What’s the story behind HADES?

HADES was established in 2015 and was the outcome of a creative project that I undertook. I actually just began making jumpers for myself and friends; I shared these online and the reaction was positive which encouraged me to keep designing. I’m not a classically trained designer. Around that time I was reading a lot about punk and the DIY ethos – the idea that even if you’re not classically trained you can still have something to offer. It encouraged me to not be deterred and gave me a licence to do it myself.

How did you decide upon your brand name?

I’m interested in Greek history and imagery. Somehow I thought the Greek god of the underworld was a cool name for a knitwear brand. People were scared to say the word ‘Hades’ as it represented the end, so they employed emphemisms. I also like the story of ‘Hades, Persephone and the Pomegranate,’ which is a myth used to explain the origin of the seasons.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the latest collection, Inner Privacy?

This collection explores the theme of the inner self. I was interested in the idea that we all live as much in our heads as we do in the world, and was influenced by writers who had explored solitude and the inner life. Each of the jumpers is adorned with a phrase influenced by self-reflection: ‘Melancholy,’ ‘La Douleur Exquise’ and ‘Bonjour Tristesse.’

What does inner privacy mean to you?

It’s about the kernel of selfhood that can’t be shared with others. Each of us has an inner life filled with anxieties, joys, melancholy – sometimes these private thoughts are concealed imperceptibly, they are unknowable to anyone else, even those closest to us and sometimes even from ourselves.

How do you narrow down and decide upon the slogans for each collection?

I really struggled this season and ended up with a bigger collection than I perhaps needed because I’d formed a connection with the phrases. We launched with 15 styles, which in retrospect was difficult to manage as you’re dealing with so many styles across all the sizes. When we restocked I edited this down to 8 jumpers. For future seasons I’m planning to be stricter with myself when editing a collection!

Why do you think slogan T-shirts and jumpers have such enduring appeal?

It’s an opportunity to communicate who you are, what you think, feel and believe with the world. It’s an outer visualisation of your inner self. The concept of HADES is classic knitwear that you can keep and wear for many years, I love the idea of buying a jumper emblazoned with ‘Unrequited Love’ in your thirties to tokenise a moment in time and then wearing it when you reach your sixties – it’s a connection with a period of time, a different self.

You commissioned a book of writing to go with the new collection. How did you choose and then reach out to the writers?

Both Kaylyssa and Stevie used to write online diaries which I read when I was younger. There are three newly commissioned pieces (“Five Theories of Solitude” by Kaylyssa Hughes, “I want to know you’re there but I want to be alone” by Stevie-Mackenzie Smith and “Wow, you too?” by Joe Dennett) and finally I included the Woolf extract from Mrs Dalloway since she was the radix of the collection.

What importance has Instagram played in building the brand? Is the importance of being ‘Instagram friendly’ something you bear in mind when designing, or is that something that arises organically?

I don’t think about it. I think about the concept, what I like and would wear. Obviously I want it to be beautiful and appealing, but for the sake of wearing it rather than Instagram.

Is there anyone you’d love to see wearing your designs?

I struggle to answer this. The people I get most enjoyment from wearing it are writers, musicians, comedians who I like and admire – who aren’t necessarily known for their style, but it brings me enjoyment to see them wearing it. There are some obvious fashion icons like Chloe Sevigny though! And I love it when my friends wear them.

Books and reading have clearly played an important part in your latest collection. What are you reading at the moment?

I’ve been reading a lot of memoirs and biographies recently. Right now I’m reading The Rules Do Not Apply, Ariel Levy’s memoir and I’ve just bought Citizen Clem: A Biography [of former Prime Minister Clement Attlee].

Are there any other brands or designers you would love to collaborate with?

Yes I’d definitely like to collaborate, I’d be really interested in working with an artist or illustrator. If there are any artists reading this who like HADES please get in touch!