OnePlus 5 to Get EIS for 4K Videos, Wi-Fi Issue Fix With Future Update

The OnePlus 5 was launched last week, and the smartphone is now available on Amazon India in an open sale. Alongside the launch, OnePlus hosted an AMA on Reddit answering all its fans’ questions. In the AMA, OnePlus confirmed that the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T will receive the Android O update before the end of this year. It also confirmed several things about the OnePlus 5, including the fact that EIS for 4K videos and a Wi-Fi issue will be resolved with a future update. Furthermore, OnePlus 5 early access buyers were complaining about not receiving their units still, and the company informed that the buyers will receive their devices ‘normally’ this week.

Because of the absence of electronic image stabilisation in 4K videos on the OnePlus 5 (Review), handheld videos appear very shaky, as reported by early adopters and reviewers – including us. Also, some early adopters have noticed that the even though the smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi, the OnePlus 5 cannot access the Internet. OnePlus, in its AMA, confirmed that both these issues will be resolved in a future update.

OnePlus 5 to Get EIS for 4K Videos, Wi-Fi Issue Fix With Future Update

The company also touched upon the delay of the OnePlus 5 early access packages, and said that customers who ordered the OnePlus 5 last week should see their parcels arrive this week. This was received with disappointment by many fans as they expected to flaunt their devices much before the regular buyers.

Apart from this, OnePlus also confirmed that it has no plans to launch microSD card slots for memory expansion, and that a tablet is not on the cards. However, the company did claim that a premium device with a $800 (roughly Rs. 51,600) price tag could be a possibility in the future.

The OnePlus 5 was launched in India last week, and was made available on Amazon India the same day in an early access sale. The 64GB variant is priced at Rs. 32,999, while the 128GB variant is priced at Rs. 37,999.

OnePlus 3, 3T to Get Android O Before the End of 2017, and More Revealed at Reddit AMA

OnePlus launched the OnePlus 5 smartphone last week. and on Monday, OnePlus held an AMA on Reddit to answer all fan questions. One such query was about when the promised Android O update for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T would arrive. OnePlus then confirmed that both the phones will receive Android O before the end of this year. The company also confirmed that it has no plans of introducing expandable storage and that a tablet is not in the making as of now, but a $800 premium device may be on the cards.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau had already confirmed that both the devices will receive Android O whenever it arrives, but it has now even confirmed the timeline before which you can expect it. If OnePlus stays true to its timeline, then it’s quite ambitious of the company to roll out the software update so soon after Android O’s commercial release. Android O has been released in developer betas, and is expected to go commercial sometime in October with the launch of the new Pixel devices.

The name of Android O has not been unveiled yet, but the latest evidence points to Android Oatmeal Cookie. Android Oreo has also been rumoured if a cross promotion deal is made, similar to Android KitKat. In any case, Google will unveil the final name in due course. The latest preview confirmed the Android version to be Android 8.0, something that was kept under wraps when Android O was first announced.

OnePlus 3, 3T to Get Android O Before the End of 2017, and More Revealed at Reddit AMA

In the AMA, OnePlus was also pulled up for not living up to promise of updating the older devices on time, or dropping support for them very quickly. Co-founder Carl Pei also confirmed that OnePlus may never consider making a tablet but a premium device with a $800 price tag is on the cards. It was also asked about the recent benchmark cheating issue, but did not respond.

OnePlus also touched upon the delay of the OnePlus 5 early access packages, and said that customers who ordered the OnePlus 5 last week should see their parcels arrive this week. The company also confirmed that it will bring EIS for 4K video to the OnePlus 5 in a future software update, and address the Wi-Fi issue some early adopters are now reporting. You can read all the questions and responses asked in the AMA right here.

The OnePlus 5 was launched in India last week, first going up via Early Access Sale on Amazon India, and pop-up events across the country where it made the OnePlus 5 available offline as well. From Tuesday, it is available in an open sale on Amazon India, the OnePlus Store, and OnePlus Experience Store in Benglauru.


4 home remedies to get rid of tan naturally!

Chances of getting a tan in summer are quite high during this weather. The scorching heat dehydrates our skin, while the UVA rays in contact with skin produce melanin, the brown pigment. This pigment is what causes tanning and makes your skin look dull. One of the most common ways to get rid of tanning is bleaching, but this chemical treatment can be harsh on your skin. And that’s why you must turn to harm-free home remedies. We have charted best home remedies to get rid of the ugly tan:


Rich in Vitamin C, lemon works well to treat tanned skin. You can use lemon juice directly on your body parts like elbows, knees for 15 minutes. For your face, you can make a moisturising pack mixing honey and lemon to treat uneven skin tone.

Turmeric and yoghurt

Turmeric and yoghurt

To make an anti-tan pack at home, mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder in a bowl of chilled curd. Apply this mixture on your skin for 10-15 minutes. This moisturising pack will cool down your skin and help to get rid of uneven skin tone.



One of the best home remedies for tanned skin is potatoes. They contain an enzyme called catecholase—which helps to lighten skin tone. You can apply raw potato slices on tanned area or potato juice for 10-15 minutes.

​Aloe Vera

​Aloe Vera

Raw gel from Aloe Vera plant can do wonders to your skin. This gel helps to improve skin texture and also soothes sunburn. Apply this gel on affected areas and leave it overnight to get rid of tan.


Delhi University admissions: Get your best four score right to book your seat

Now that the Delhi University has announced its first list of cutoffs for admission in its colleges, all that is standing between applicants and a seat in their preferred college is your ‘best four’ score.

Students have until June 28 to visit colleges and secure a seat in these highly sought-after colleges. However, one must first calculate the ‘best four’ score to ascertain if they have cleared the cutoff grade to be eligible for one of the 56,000 seats available in 63 DU colleges.

DU asks its students to calculate the aggregate of the ‘best four’ subjects, to see if they qualify for admission based on the cutoff. This may sound simple enough, but with different courses having different requirements for calculating the best four, this process can get daunting.

You can find the different guidelines for different courses given below:

Science courses

For most Bachelor of Science courses, Physics and Chemistry are mandatory. If the course has a Biology component, such as Zoology or Botany (Hons) courses, then you would need to have done Biology too. For some other courses Mathematics is mandatory.

A few courses such as Biotechnology, etc, will require both Biology and Mathematics.

These courses will be used to calculate your best of four score and the scores for these subjects should have been on a 70/30 basis, where 70% of the marks is for theory and 30% is for practical. If it does not follow this division, then the scores will be adjusted to fit this ratio.

Mathematical Science courses

There are four Mathematical Science courses, such as Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences. Mathematics is mandatory to apply for these.

The best of four for these courses is calculated as the aggregate of your scores in one language subject, Mathematics and the scores of any two subjects from List A.

List A is a compilation of academic courses, published by the DU. If any of the elective courses do not fall in list A, then 2.5% will be deducted from your aggregate.


Arts Courses

There are many BA (Hons) and BA programmes that applicants can choose from. The best of four for BA (Hons) programme is calculated as aggregate of the scores in a language subject, the subject in which you would like to do your honours program in and any two subjects from List A.

If you do not include the subject in which you want to do the honours programme in, or if your electives are not from List A, then 2.5% each will be deducted for these.

Commerce courses

Delhi University is well known for its B Com (Hons) and B Com programmes. Students should have studied Mathematics to apply for BCom (Hons).

Students need to use their scores in one language subject (either English or Hindi) and select three subjects from lists C1 or C2 to get their best four score. Like List A, these are compilations of subjects that are prepared by the DU.

However, here there is a small catch. If all three elective courses are from List C1, then the student would not face ant deduction. But for each subject taken from List C2, there will be a deduction of 1%.


DU admissions: Keep your documents handy, get the best of four calculation right

Gear up to grab a seat at their dream college as Delhi University (DU) released its first cutoff list on Friday evening.

The admission process for the first cutoff list will be on from June 24 to June 28, following which the university will release its second list on July 1.

HT spoke to a few DU students who shared their experience of struggling to find the way to offices in colleges, losing their original certificates to hiring e-rickshaw drivers as guardians to get rooms in hostels.

Many students recounted the first day of admission to be full of struggle. “The first day of admissions was such a blur. I kept getting lost in the college campus and had to try really hard to find my way back to the admin office each time,” said Divya Ahuja from Shri Ram College of Commerce.

Akshay Mehta from Hans Raj College said that many out-station students, who did not go through the dates and guidelines, faced many issues. “I am from Kolkata and I didn’t know that the day the cutoff list is out, it is also the first day of admissions. So, one day I’m sitting at home and the next, I’m boarding a flight to Delhi because I am already a day late for admissions,” he said.

On a lighter note, an outstation student further said, “I have friends who have had to hire e-rickshaw drivers as local guardians to get admission into the hostel as that is a requirement.”

The best four calculations can leave the best of applicants stumped, so you may want to pay close attention to the norms to avoid mistakes.

“After confirming my admission in a college after the first cutoff by four teachers in the panel, getting my documents attested for BSc (H) Statistics, waiting for four hours and completing the whole procedure, the last teacher in the panel says ‘Sorry, you are 0.25% short’,” said Anjali Sharma, a student of College of Vocational Studies.

Many students also reported losing original documents during the admission process.

Nikita Gupta from Lady Shri Ram Collegeg said, “When the second list of cut offs was released, I had gone to a DU college to withdraw my admission so that I could migrate to LSR. It turned out that the college had lost my original documents and I had to search for them all by myself.”

Unfortunately, Gupta is not alone; students like Vaishnavi Gosain from Atma Ram Sanatan Dharam College have also had similar experiences.

“I cried for an hour in front of the administration staff of the college because after standing in a queue for three hours to get myself admitted, I found out that they had misplaced my original certificates. They found them later but till then I had made up my mind to not to take admission in this college,” she said.


There were some who faced issues as they had uploaded incorrect documents, while others had to prove that they were aspirants and not parents to enter the college.

“In my DU form I uploaded my original birth certificate as proof of birth and completed the process, only to realise a day before the deadline that it was the Class 10 marksheet which was required as date of birth proof. I had to redo the form all over again,” he said.

Sanket Aggarwal from CVS was stopped at the gate just because of his appearance. “I have a very tall and muscular build and I like to keep a well groomed beard. So, when I went to Maharaja Agrasen College, the guard stopped me and asked ‘Aapka bacha kahan hai? Parents are not allowed inside.’ I was stunned and had to show him all my documents to prove that I was a student,” said Aggarwal.



Gorakhpur to get CBSE Teachers’ Training Institute

Concerned over the quality of teachers in UP, the government has asked the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to set up a teachers’ training institute in Gorakhpur.

There is only one such institute in UP— in Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s constituency Rae Bareli. Officials claim the facility has been under-utilised due to its location.


The new institute for which land will be allocated by the UP government will cater to teachers in eastern Uttar Pradesh.

“We informed the chief minister that the state needs an institute so that teachers can undergo training by experts. CBSE had tried to get land in Lucknow earlier for this purpose but it was not allocated. We are glad that it will finally materialise now,” said a senior official. “We need to impart good training to teachers so that they can make classroom teaching interesting. The institute will also emphasise on pedagogy for effective use of information communication technology for teachers,” he said.




There’s a common kitchen saying about cooking with wine—don’t cook with a wine you wouldn’t drink. Part of that is to regulate the quality, to make sure you’re not putting total shlock in your pasta sauce. But it’s also a nice way to ensure you have something nice to drink along the way.

Drunken Spaghetti

In this pasta recipe, you’ll want to pour yourself a quick half-glass first, because the rest of your bottle of red is going right in the pan for a bowl of delicately fruity, pleasantly earthy drunken spaghetti from Florence. Call it the Italian version of drunken noodles.

This drunken spaghetti comes to us from Osteria De’ Benci, where in addition to wine there’s garlic, oregano, and parsley. Beef bouillon adds a subtle meatiness to the pasta without overpowering it with a meat sauce.


 While you certainly can trek out to a remote corner of the East Coast and pay upwards of $20 to devour a delicious, iconic lobster roll off a plastic patio chair with the warm ocean breeze in your hair, remember this: Anyone can make a truly perfect, succulent lobster roll at home—for about half the price.

The quintessence of summer dining, lobster rolls ought to be made with fresh, live lobster and, usually are served in one of two styles: Maine-style, which come chilled and dressed in mayonnaise and usually finely chopped celery and lemon; and Connecticut-style, which are drizzled in butter and served warm on a toasted bun. There are merits to both. But, because of this simple math—lobster tastes amazing with butter and butter tastes amazing with bread and salt—I lean toward simple, salt and butter-dressed Connecticut-style rolls as the reliable crowd-pleaser at home.

lobster roll

To create the ultimate Connecticut roll, bring these star ingredients together and resist adding much else that may distract from them. Start by steaming or boiling lobster with a generous amount of salt, a small palmful of black peppercorns, and a bay leaf if you have it. Then toss the cooked, pulled lobster meat briefly in melted butter seasoned with sea salt and a hint of paprika. Beyond this, a simple delicate leaf of butter lettuce for crunch and a sprinkling of chopped chives for brightness are all you need to garnish each roll.

You can eat two crisp, buttery rolls at home for the price of one out, and there won’t be a soul around to judge you.


Meizu details which models will get Nougat, update should roll out July 10

Meizu has listed the phones that will get an update to Android 7.0 Nougat – almost a full year after Google rolled out the OS version to its own devices. Better late than never, is perhaps the attitude Meizu is looking for.

Owners of the Pro 6 Plus, Pro 6, Pro 6s, Pro 5, MX6, M5 Note, M3 Note, and M3 Max will be able to register for the open beta program starting tomorrow through July 2. The actual update is expected to roll out on July 10.

Meizu is also celebrating the 5-year anniversary of Flyme OS, the company’s custom Android overlay tomorrow. Nougat seems like a nice (if not very timely) treat for its loyal fans.





Weekly poll results: a Nokia flagship is hotly anticipated, low-enders get the cold shoulder

The fans are hungry for a new Nokia flagship, with 44% of the vote that is quite clear. However, HMD’s entry-level offerings failed to spur up such excitement – the 5 and the 3 got a few measly percentage points. Even the Nokia 3310 ranked higher, we guess the nostalgia factor is strong.

Even the Nokia 6 barely beat out the “Nokias belong in the past” option with 18% and 17% respectively. It’s more of a workhorse phone rather than a dreamy flagship (the same can be said of the 3310), so practical-minded people would be quite happy with it.

Image result for Weekly poll results: a Nokia flagship is hotly anticipated, low-enders get the cold shoulder

The Nokia 5 had to fight an onslaught of comments about the Sony Xperia XA1, a similarly priced competitor. The pricier Samsung Galaxy A5 also came up.

As for the Nokia 3, there were a few commenters that are happy with it, but most find that the “bang for the buck” ratio is skewed more towards “buck”.

Now it’s down to the upcoming high-end Nokia models to rebuild the reputation of the brand that fizzled out during the Windows years.