The Ultimate Antioxidant Food List: 12 Foods You Must Include in the Diet!

What are Antioxidants and Where are they Found?

Simply put, they help quench free radicals. Antioxidants are the water to the fire that is free radicals. Oxygen is one such element which is beneficial but also results in the free radical generation. Antioxidants are nothing but vitamins, minerals or even enzymes which neutralize these free radicals.

Although there are many sources, we are listing down the top 12 antioxidant foods available in India you can include in the diet!

  1. Berries like blueberries, goji berries
  2. Nuts and seeds like almonds,
  3. Dark green leafy veggies
  4. Bright colored vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, tomato, pumpkin
  5. Green tea
  6. Certain herbs like clove, cinnamon
  7. Whole grains
  8. Seafood and Fish
  9. Beans and pulses
  10. Dark Chocolate
  11. Onion and garlic.
  12. Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower.

Whoever said you need the best antioxidant supplements that are pricey when you have natural antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables. Let us look at these foods in detail.

Antioxidant Foods Available in India


Acai berry

Colorful berries like blueberries, strawberry, mulberry, goji berry top the foods high in antioxidants chart hands down. That is because they are among the highest antioxidant foods in the world! Berries come with a host of antioxidant vitamins and minerals that help lower inflammation and strengthen the immune system. To know more about the antioxidant benefits of berries, read our detailed blog on them.

2. Nuts and seeds

Almond health benefits are many
Almond health benefits are many

The vitamin E in nuts and seeds along with the fiber make for an envious nutrient combination. Seeds are often ignored but they are a powerhouse of nutrients too. Here are some more reasons you should eat seeds if you are looking for weight loss.

Fruits and some vegetables are known sources of antioxidants but they are not the only ones. How to know which fruits to choose for good antioxidant status? Ensure they are seasonal and they are brightly coloured.

3. Dark green leafy veggies

Green and colourful salad!
Green and colorful salad!

Dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, methi, dill leaves have beta-carotene along with providing vitamins A, C, E, and even calcium. They are also a rich source of potassium and magnesium.

4. Bright colored vegetables


Carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, tomato, pumpkin are all rich in vitamin A, a vitamin which imparts the rich color. Not just that, they are rich in vitamin C, B6, and fiber. You can include these veggies in soups, regular subjis or even juice them to make antioxidant drinks!

5. Green tea

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants namely flavonoids and polyphenols like epigallocatechin gallate. These antioxidant cocktail act as powerful anti-inflammatory agents. What if this green tea is further fortified with antioxidant Indian herbs? Well, Truweight’s Teatox is just that.

6.Certain herbs like oregano, clove, cinnamon


Now isn’t spice the variety of life? But spice also provides you with so many antioxidants. Researchers turned their attention to spices and were pleasantly surprised. They found spices to be a concentrated source of antioxidants; surpassing even vitamin E, some fruits and vegetables. Oregano stands out to be the herb with the highest antioxidant activity. But there is a rider, use them fresh because their antioxidant activity is the highest.

To get the maximum antioxidant benefit from herbs, use them fresh! Oregano was shown to have the highest antioxidant activity among all the herbs.

7. Whole grains

Whole Grains

By simply replacing refined grains like white rice or maida with red rice or whole wheat flour, you can significantly increase the antioxidant quotient in your diet. They provide you with the antioxidant nutrients selenium and zinc. They are also rich in phytochemicals.

8. Seafood and fish

canned fish

Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, good lipids all make seafood and fish not just a superfood but also a food rich in antioxidants. Try to include fish and seafood at least twice a week to derive the benefits.

9. Beans and pulses

Soil friendly dals!
Soil friendly dals!


Before you frown upon the humble pulses in your diet, spare a thought that they provide not just protein but also antioxidants. They are a rich source of the antioxidant (even fiber) lignan. Apart from that, they also provide vitamin C, folate, calcium, zinc, and selenium.

10. Dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate Benefits

Dark Chocolate is among the highest antioxidant foods in the world with a whole litany of antioxidants namely polyphenols, flavonols, and catechins. It even provides you with iron, magnesium, copper, selenium, and zinc. So it may not be all that bad to include 1 small piece of dark bitter chocolate when cravings come calling. Shave some dark chocolate gratings on antioxidant drinks.

11.  Onion and garlic.


These household staples provide with allium sulfur compounds, the reason they smell so pungent. These sulfur compounds prevent oxidation of fatty acids in the body. In addition, garlic is also rich in quercetin, another powerful antioxidant.

12. Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower.

Cabbage carrot shredded salad
Cabbage-carrot shredded salad

This group of vegetables has significant amounts of nutrients like vitamin A carotenoids, vitamin C, folic acid, and fiber. The active antioxidant present in cruciferous veggies are indoles, a strong antioxidant which protects attack on DNA.

So there you go, a comprehensive list of antioxidant foods that you must include in the diet! The best antioxidant supplement that you can have are these natural foods.





Hannibal High dual-credit program expands to include juniors; online, summer courses added

The first big leap in Hannibal High School’s (HHS) Dual Credit program is poised to offer classes during summer for the first time, preparing more students for the college experience while they receive higher-education credits at a reduced rate.

The first big leap in Hannibal High School’s (HHS) Dual Credit program is poised to offer classes during summer for the first time, preparing more students for the college experience while they receive higher-education credits at a reduced rate.

Assistant Superintendent Darin Powell said college dual-credit courses have been available for about 15 years to seniors, but this is the first time the opportunity has opened up for juniors. And for the first time, summer and online courses are offered through partnerships with Hannibal-LaGrange University (HLGU) and Moberly Area Community College (MACC), at a rate of rate of $70 to $80 per credit hour — compared to figures that can range from $300 to $1,200 per credit hour in a traditional college setting, Powell said.

He said the new online classes offer a great way to prepare for online classes and assignments in college, and juniors can earn between 24 to 36 college credits before they graduate from HHS — stretching parents’ college budgets and allowing students the chance to complete general education requirements before pursuing studies tied to their chosen major. Powell said he anticipated seeing more students graduating from college in three years, coupled with the potential for more students to pursue advanced degrees due to increased financial opportunity.

“It’s a win-win for everyone involved,” he said.

At Hannibal-LaGrange University, officials said they are excited to offer expanded summer courses — providing several benefits to high school students who enroll.

“Students who take advantage of our summer online course receive the benefit of focusing on one or two classes at a time versus taking them along with their high school course load,” said Kayla McBride, Assistant Director of Graduate and Online Programs. “The courses are offered in an eight-week format allowing the student to earn college credit in a shorter amount of time.”

Carolyn Carpenter, Director of Public Relations, said the new course format can help students and their parents through an often hectic chapter in their lives.

Image result for online, summer courses

“We truly enjoy the opportunity to offer college courses to area high school juniors and seniors,” she said. “We are thankful so many have taken advantage of the summer online classes. Getting a few classes knocked out during the summer definitely helps ease the stress on the student and possibly the parents as well.”

Powell encouraged parents to contact the Hannibal High School Booster Club if they need financial assistance. Scholarships are available, and HHS Guidance Director JoAnn McCollum said a couple students used the scholarships this summer.

On Friday, June 23, Junior Alec Mundle logged onto a desktop computer at HHS, preparing for an upcoming mid-term exam in front of his College Algebra professor at HLGU. He said he planned to enter the medical field and he looked forward to the chance to get a jump on general education credits amid a lengthy course of study. The online experience is new for Mundle, but he said he enjoys the format.

“So far, it’s been nice to work at my own pace and not be rushed, or I can speed up when I’m going through parts I already know,” he said. He said he plans on taking another online course next year.

Senior Grace McIntosh was also taking her first Dual Credit course online through MACC — American History to 1865. So far, McIntosh is about half-way through. She said Professor Kristine Zauke regularly keeps in contact with her regarding the calendar of assignments and providing feedback. She happily noted that Zauke rescheduled her mid-term exam so she could attend a summer camp. McIntosh said the online layout gives her greater access to the textbook and related information.

“I feel like I learn knowledge more easily, just because I have an actual online book to read. We have books in history class in school, but sometimes when you’re lecturing students, they don’t get the full experience — they don’t get all the information,” she said. “With it being online, I can see everything, and I can go back and check things and use it when I’m writing my responses.”

McCollum said she felt excited about these new educational opportunities for a high school students who are focused on success.

“We really have good kids here, and it’s great that they can take these classes and have these opportunities to compete with others,” she said.

Paytm Smartphone Sale Offers Include iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, Google Pixel Cashbacks, and Other Deals

After its Pre-GST sale last week, Paytm has now kicked off another sale particularly targeted at the smartphones with fingerprint scanners. Under the sale, Paytm is offering a cashback of up to Rs. 10,000 in the Paytm wallet on a range of smartphones including iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, Google Pixel, Oppo F3, Vivo V5s, and HTC Desire 10 Pro among others. In order to avail the cashback, buyers will have to apply promotional codes while making a smartphone purchase on a dedicated page.

The Paytm sale is currently live and will wrap up on Sunday, June 25. Without further delay, let us quickly jump to the cashback offers on the smartphones in the sale.

Cashback offers on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone SE
Paytm is offering a cashback of Rs. 9,999 on the iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Jet Black and (Matte) Black colour variants, which are currently listed at a price of Rs. 91,800 plus Rs. 199 delivery charge, making a total of Rs. 91,999. On applying the promo code ‘A10K’, you will start seeing the cashback amount tag of Rs. 9,999 next to the mentioned price in the cart. The effective price after the cashback is Rs. 82,000 but you will have to pay the full amount of Rs. 91,999 while making the purchase on Paytm.

Similarly, the iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold are being sold at Rs. 79,900, Rs. 79,984, and Rs. 78,698 respectively with Rs. 199 additional shipping charges. After applying the same promo code on each of the iPhones, the effective prices for iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold will be 70,100, Rs. 70,184, and Rs. 68,898 in the respective order.

The iPhone 7 Plus 128GB in Rose Gold and Gold colours are available at the same price of Rs. 70,999 with Rs. 199 shipping charge. For the 128GB storage models, Paytm is offering a cashback of Rs. 6,250 on applying the code ‘MOB6250’ – making the effective price of the aforementioned iPhones at Rs. 64,948. On iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Silver, Black, and Jet Black colour models, the price tag is Rs. 68,998, Rs. 66,999, and Rs. 65,766 clubbed with Rs. 199 delivery cost, which after the application of the cashback of Rs. 6,250 will give them an effective price of Rs. 62,947, Rs. 60,948, and Rs, 59,715 in the respective manner.

Paytm Smartphone Sale Offers Include iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, Google Pixel Cashbacks, and Other Deals

With the 32GB storage and colour models of iPhone 7 Plus, the cashback amount is reduced to Rs. 5,750 on the application of code ‘MOB5750’. However, Paytm website shows a cashback of Rs. 7,000 on the Silver and Gold models on applying the same promo code, but when we tried purchasing them, the suggested cashback of Rs. 5,750 was applicable. The effective prices of iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Gold, Silver, Black, and Rose Gold currently being sold at Rs. 58,359, Rs. 58,598, Rs. 58,949, and Rs. 58,629 will be Rs. 52,808, Rs. 53,047, Rs. 53,398, and Rs. 53,078 respectively.

The cashback amount on iPhone 7 256GB storage model in Silver, Black, Gold, Rose Gold, and Jet Black colours is Rs. 5,000 after applying ‘A5K’ code, after which the effective prices will be:

iPhone 7 256GB Silver – Rs. 70,393 after the cashback on the price of Rs. 75,194 (includes Rs. 199 delivery charge)
iPhone 7 256GB Black – Rs. 57,198 after the cashback on Rs. 62,198 (includes Rs. 199 delivery charge)
iPhone 7 256GB Gold – Rs 55,189 after the cashback on Rs. 60,189 (includes Rs. 199 for delivery)
iPhone 7 256GB Rose Gold – Rs. 56,099 after the cashback on Rs. 61,099 (includes Rs. 199 delivery charge)
iPhone 7 256GB Jet Black – Rs. 56,099 after the cashback on Rs. 61,099 (includes Rs. 199 delivery charge)
The iPhone 7 with 128GB storage is being sold at Rs. 53,409 for Gold colour, 53,344 for Rose Gold colour, Rs. 53,990 for Jet Black, and Rs, 52,999 for Black colour variant, with additional Rs. 199 for delivery. The effective prices after the cashback of Rs. 5,500 on applying code ‘MOB5500’ are Rs. 48,108, Rs. 48,043, Rs. 48,689, and Rs. 47,698 in the respective order as above.

The cashback offer on iPhone 7 32GB storage is Rs. 4,500 on the application of ‘MOB4500’ as the promo code. The original prices including delivery charges followed by the effective prices after cashback are as below:

iPhone 7 32GB Black – Rs. 46,199 will become Rs. 41,699
iPhone 7 32GB Rose Gold – Rs. 46,647 will be Rs. 42,147
iPhone 7 32GB Silver – Rs. 46,599 will become Rs. 42,099
iPhone 7 32GB Gold – Rs. 45,498 will be Rs. 40,998
The iPhone SE 64GB in Rose Gold colour is being sold at Rs. 27,299 with the Rs. 199 delivery cost. After you apply the promo code ‘A3K’, you will be entitled for a cashback of Rs. 3,000 on the device and the effective price will become Rs. 24,498. The iPhone SE 32GB variant in Rose Gold, Gold, and Silver colours is selling at Rs. 22,999. On applying the promo code ‘MOB2000’, you will receive a cashback of Rs. 2,000 and effective price will be Rs. 21,198.

The iPhone SE 16GB Rose Gold colour variant is listed at Rs. 20,498, which features a cashback of Rs. 2,250 after applying ‘MOB2250’ as promo code. Its effective price will be Rs. 18,447 (after including the Rs. 199 delivery charge). The Gold and Silver colour variants for iPhone SE 16GB are being sold at Rs. 21,499 and Rs. 21,490 in the respective order. After the cashback, they will cost you Rs. 19,448 and Rs. 19,439 respectively, including Rs. 199 delivery charge.

The Red colour models of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are also available for purchase but without any cashback offer.

Cashback offers on Google Pixel, Oppo F1s, Vivo V5s, and other Android smartphones
The Google Pixel 32GB storage variant is currently being sold at Rs. 42,750 for the Quite Black colour and Rs. 40,500 for the Very Silver colour model. You can get a cashback of up to 15 percent of the listed price that can reach a maximum Rs. 9,999. The Google Pixel 128GB storage model in Very Silver colour will cost Rs. 50,239 while the Quite Black colour variant is currently out of stock.

Google Pixel XL in 32GB for Quite Black and Very Silver colours is listed at Rs. 50,369 and Rs. 50,368 with a 15 percent cashback offer up to Rs. 9,999. The 128GB storage models cost Rs. 60,490 for the Quite Black colour and Rs. 63,990 for the Very Silver colour variant. In order to get the 15 percent cashback, buyers will have to apply the code ‘MOB15’.

Other popular smartphones like Oppo F3 and Vivo V5s are also available in the sale. The Oppo F3 64GB Gold colour is listed at Rs. 18,821 with Rs. 99 delivery charges. After applying the code ‘MOB14’, you will be entitled to receive a cashback of 14 percent of the amount not exceeding the Rs. 9,999 limit. The Vivo V5s Matte Black in 64GB will also get you a 14 percent cashback amount on the listed price of Rs. 18,200 with Rs. 99 as delivery charges.

The HTC 10 Pro is being sold at Rs. 21,094 for Black and Rs. 19,999 for Polar White colours with additional Rs. 99 as delivery charge. Paytm is offering a cashback of 12 percent on this smartphone when you apply ‘MOB12’ as promo code.

You can check all other smartphone with fingerprint scanners on the Paytm’s sale page where you will find more offers on smartphones. A thing to remember here is that you cannot make Cash on Delivery (CoD) option while applying the promo codes. So you’ll be required to use debit, credit cards and netbanking options to make the purchases.