Monsoon fashion tips: Here’s how to stay dry as well as fashionable this season

As the rains bring a much needed respite from the heat, it’s time we take a break from everyday formal outfits and try out new styles. Here are some tips for women and men by Vaanee and Dheeraj Bhatia, founders, Gritstones.


Tips for Monsoon Clothing for Women:

1. Women can start with their fresh light fabrics, bright colours like yellow, orange, red, pink, blue and some mixtures of fluorescent and electric colours.

2. Light fabrics like cotton, chiffon, and silk dry out quickly.

3. Follow Bollywood celebs and incorporate culottes, playsuits, printed dresses and skirts, cigarettes pants, in your wardrobe.

4. There is a new trend of wearing short kurtis with leggings or churidar; long dupattas can be replaced with scarfs and stoles.

5. Jeans, long skirts, and heavy material should be avoided in this weather.

8. Accessories like fancy umbrellas and jelly shoes will help to complete your look.

Tips for Monsoon Clothing for Men:

1. Go for cotton shirts or casual printed shirts this season.

2. Shorts and capris are attractive and easy to wear. Even getting drenched in rain will result in less of a hassle.

3. Athletes who are into running, football, cricket wear dri-fit (a polyester microfibe) mechanized clothes as they are comfortable and dry off sweat quickly.

4. Monsoon accessories men can opt for are waterproof bags, a waterproof watch, umbrella and flip flops.


Secrets To Stay In Shape If You’re On A Vacation

You always want to stay in shape when you’re out on a holiday. You do not want to pack those extra pounds when you’re out, exploring new locations. Since eating out is an inevitable thing when it comes to travelling, it is more likely that you’ll gain weight. Sugary cocktails, local cuisines, lazy beach days, etc., will make you gain some extra weight by default.

But it needn’t be that way always. It is possible for you to have a great time without having to put on weight. There are some amazing tips that you can make use of in this regard.

These secret tips will not let you gain weight and you can come as pepped up as how you left the town for a vacation. Read through these top tips that will help you remain in shape for the vacation.


1. Plan Ahead:

You need to plan ahead and pick out the restaurants that you want to try out before you start your trip. You also need to stock yourself with healthy foods whenever you’re hungry. You need to pack healthy snacks, as you’ll be out most of the time.


2. Pick Your Indulgences:

Vacations are mostly about enjoying new places and hence you need to pick your indulgences. You can let yourself splurge on delicacies once or twice but not more than that in a day.


3. Don’t Eat Out For Every Meal:

This will help you save both calories and money. Try to eat in at least one meal in a day. You can try eating breakfast like instant oatmeal, wholegrain breakfast cereal, power bars or breakfast bars.


4. Be Active:

You can bring your jumping rope or your resistance band along with you and workout, either on a beach or in your hotel room. You can also go for swimming or also do push-ups.


5. Drink In Moderation:

Alcohol is a big source of calories in your diet. Hence, you need to drink in moderation when you’re out on a vacation. This is one of the top secrets to staying in shape.


6. Avoid Fast Foods And Go For Sit-In Restaurants:

These restaurants will give you a better opportunity to ask how your foods are prepared and you can also go for requests like healthier meals.


7. Follow The 80/20 Rule:

You need to make 80% of your choice as healthy and 20% for some fun foods. You can choose one meal of the day for fun indulgence like the signature dish of the city and so on.


8. Split Dessert:

Always share your dessert with your dining partner. This will let down on the calorie intake. This will let you know how to stay in shape when you’re on a holiday.


9. Drink Lots Of Water:

Always keep a water bottle with you and drink loads of water, as most of us tend to mistake thirst for hunger.


10. Start With A Salad:

For those of you who eat out often, you need to start your meal with a salad. Filling up on veggies can help prevent overeating on high-calorie foods. Salads are also filled with fibre and vitamins that provide you with enough energy throughout the day.


11. Take In More Fibre:

Order for dishes that include high-nutrient, high-fibre fruits and vegetables. Go for salads that contain spinach and lettuce. Even while ordering chicken or shrimp, you can ask them to add some grilled vegetables to the dish.


12. Don’t Have A Restricted Mindset:

Avoid a restricted mindset and like ‘no fried foods’ and have a permissive mindset like ‘eat more vegetables’ or ‘get more fibre’ and this can be more effective in avoiding all that vacation weight gain.

Taxation norm for flights abroad to stay same with GST

Centre makes clear that service tax criteria to apply for non-stop, stopover flights

In a major relief to airlines, the Centre on Friday made clear that the principles applied to tax international air travel would remain unchanged under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime set to roll out on July 1.

The clarification comes in the wake of concerns raised by domestic carriers, and flagged by the Civil Aviation Ministry, that non-stop flights were likely to become more expensive than flights with stopovers given some ambiguous wording in the norms relating to GST.

Airlines feared that passengers planning to travel say Delhi-New York non-stop could opt to fly with Gulf carriers if they found the post-tax fares for a Delhi-Dubai-New York ticket to be more attractive on account of GST being levied only on the first leg of the overseas flight.

“It was clarified today that the new GST rates will apply based on old criteria on international tickets,” a senior Civil Aviation Ministry official said following a stakeholders’ meeting chaired by Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha. The same rules prevalent under service tax would continue to apply under GST, the official added.

‘Big relief’

“This is a big relief to full service airlines, especially Jet Airways and Air India, which operate non-stop long-haul journey flights,” said an airline representative, who did not wish to be identified. “Officials from the Central Board of Excise and Customs, who were present in the meeting, clarified that same taxation principles will apply under the GST.”

The Civil Aviation Ministry had, earlier this month, taken up the matter with the Finance Ministry after Jet Airways, Air India, and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) had raised concerns about the tax treatment on international tickets.

Under GST, economy class tickets would attract 5% tax, while travel in business class would be taxed at 12%.

In the meeting held on Friday, domestic airlines said that they would implement GST from July 1.

The aviation industry “is prepared for July 1,” Mr. Sinha tweeted after the meeting.