EU Said to Fine Google With Record Fine This Week

The EU’s powerful antitrust regulator will slap Google with a record fine as early as Tuesday in another European blow against a US tech giant, sources said.

Led by hard-charging European Commission competition chief Margrethe Vestager, the EU will impose a massive penalty against Google that would break the previous record of EUR 1.06 billion set in 2009 against Intel, the US chipmaker.

More importantly for Google, Brussels will demand that the US tech giant change its business practices to meet the EU’s concerns.

The decision, expected Tuesday or Wednesday, comes a year after Vestager shocked the world and angered the Obama administration with an order that Apple repay EUR 13 billion in back taxes in Ireland.

Sources close to the matter said Google’s fine would range EUR 1.1-2.0 billion. While an EU record, this is well below the maximum possible of about EUR 8.0 billion or 10 percent of Google’s total revenue last year.

Brussels accuses Google of giving its own online shopping services top priority in search results to the detriment of other price comparison services.

The case is one of three against Google and of several against blockbuster US companies including Starbucks, Apple, Amazon and McDonalds.

In the other Google cases, the EU is examining Google’s AdSense advertising service and its Android mobile phone software.

EU Said to Fine Google With Record Fine This Week
If confirmed, the fine would come after a long period in which the two sides tried to settle the case amicably.

The cases have stoked tensions with Washington and could now face the wrath of US President Donald Trump, who won office on his “America First” slogan.

“We continue to engage constructively with the European Commission and we believe strongly that our innovations in online shopping have been good for shoppers, retailers and competition,” said Mark Jansen, a spokesman for Google.

The European Commission refused to comment.

The Commission, which polices EU competition policy, launched an initial investigation into Google in 2010 following complaints from rivals such as Microsoft and Trip Advisor that it favoured its own shopping services when customers ran searches.

Claims that practices by Google Shopping harm competition “are wrong as a matter of fact, law, and economics,” Google’s general counsel Kent Walker wrote in response to the EU last year.

Vestager’s predecessor, Joaquin Almunia, made three attempts to resolve the dispute but in each case intense pressure by national governments, rivals and privacy advocates scuppered the effort.


Monsoon fashion tips: Here’s how to stay dry as well as fashionable this season

As the rains bring a much needed respite from the heat, it’s time we take a break from everyday formal outfits and try out new styles. Here are some tips for women and men by Vaanee and Dheeraj Bhatia, founders, Gritstones.


Tips for Monsoon Clothing for Women:

1. Women can start with their fresh light fabrics, bright colours like yellow, orange, red, pink, blue and some mixtures of fluorescent and electric colours.

2. Light fabrics like cotton, chiffon, and silk dry out quickly.

3. Follow Bollywood celebs and incorporate culottes, playsuits, printed dresses and skirts, cigarettes pants, in your wardrobe.

4. There is a new trend of wearing short kurtis with leggings or churidar; long dupattas can be replaced with scarfs and stoles.

5. Jeans, long skirts, and heavy material should be avoided in this weather.

8. Accessories like fancy umbrellas and jelly shoes will help to complete your look.

Tips for Monsoon Clothing for Men:

1. Go for cotton shirts or casual printed shirts this season.

2. Shorts and capris are attractive and easy to wear. Even getting drenched in rain will result in less of a hassle.

3. Athletes who are into running, football, cricket wear dri-fit (a polyester microfibe) mechanized clothes as they are comfortable and dry off sweat quickly.

4. Monsoon accessories men can opt for are waterproof bags, a waterproof watch, umbrella and flip flops.


Pandora reveals jewels set to sparkle this Winter

Jewellery giant Pandora has shared a preview of its jewels set to sparkle this Christmas.

For the brand’s Winter collection Pandora is focusing its attention on shooting stars with this season’s ‘DO’ campaign messages including – ‘Do reach for the stars’, ‘Do embrace the warmth of the season’, and ‘Do light up each and every moment’.

The last season of the year sees Pandora take inspiration from crisp winter days, with designs giving a subtle nod to snowflakes and crystallised icicles.

Pandora is also offering pieces embellished with danube-cut crystals and lattice effects, alongside playful Christmas charms.


10 Healthy Summer Foods To Enjoy This Vacation

So how are you welcoming this season of a sun? With sunscreen lotions, sunglasses and air conditioners? But what about the foods? Yes, the summer foods? We all love our summer vacations but we often tend to overlook the summer foods. Resulting in over indulgence of cold drinks and ice creams that lead to unnecessary weight gain. But don’t worry, Truweight has come to the rescue. Here we bring to you 10 healthy summer foods along with many summer fruits, veggies and drinks that will help you fight the heat and enjoy your vacation days better!

For more tips on healthy diet, you can always drop by to any of the Truweight Centres and ask our Nutrition experts themselves. All for FREE! Just click and get started!

Summer foods should be all about foods that keep you hydrated as well as healthy at the same time. Summer is often accompanied with dehydration, skin sensitivities, mineral deficiencies etc. Therefore, our primary goal should be to include summer foods that fulfill the criteria.

Wondering what to eat in summer to keep your body cool? Out of all the amazing summer foods and drinks, we have shortlisted 10 of them to let you enjoy this summer vacation in the most healthy way.

1. It’s time for the waterry melons:

No summer food list can start without this amazing waterlicious summer fruit. Besides being the ultimate provider of water, this fruit

Watermelons for summer foods
Watermelons for summer foods

has lycopene, which has the property of protecting skin from sun damage. Moreover, due to its high water content, it will keep you full for a long time. Thus you won’t be having cravings for some time. So this summer, whenever you feel like grabbing a cola rush to the nearest fruit shop and have a fresh watermelon instead.

2.  Be corn ready

This summer make sure you are having some fresh corns to keep you upbeat. So why corns? Well, corn contains lutein and zeaxanthin. These are two antioxidants that are well known to protect from the harmful ultraviolet rays. And don’t forget that these sweet corns are always a delight to have! Also, you can try corn on the cob. Have it without butter and salt. It is rich in fibre too.

Corns can be apt as summer food
Corns can be apt as summer food

Some summer food dishes to try at home

Tomato and summer corn pasta

Watermelon and Crab Gazpacho

Mango Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Peanut Chicken Tacos

Pasta with Salmon

Salads green leafs, basils and herbs

Fruit salads

Grilled chicken kebabs with summer veggies                

3. Blackberries and Raspberries:

Berries make delicious summer fruits
Berries make delicious summer fruits

These are some of the delicious summer foods. Berries are always known for their amazing antioxidant properties. Which make most of the berries ideal for weight management. Again, Raspberries are rich in fiber, which is also beneficial for weight loss. You can try for berry juices this summer.

4. The nutritious Avocado:

Avocado Weight Loss
Avocado can be great to lose weight in summer

It is one of the best summer food to include to your list. It is known to improve digestion, prevent osteoarthritis, reduces depression etc. It is a versatile fruit that is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which helps reduce bad cholesterol. Besides these, Avocado also contains folate, vitamin K, E, B6, C,  copper etc. Need any more reason to include this amazingly blessed summer fruit?

5. Yummy Yogurt:

What can be more summer effective than a cup of yogurt? Yes, during these sweaty days you can be cooled down by some yogurt. Yogurt is rich in protein that will also keep you full. Hence you won’t be looking for other unhealthy snacks to bite on. Yogurt is also known to have a great probiotic property that makes it super good for managing your digestive system. Some ways of enjoying your yogurt are like: A cold cup of yogurt with berries, Fruit salads with the twist of yogurt, a thick yogurt shake, Hung curd with fresh fruits etc.

Yummy yogurt to batte the heat this summer
Yummy yogurt to battle the heat this summer

Some summer vegetables that you shouldn’t miss

Mushrooms- The summer variants such as chanterelles and porcinis can be great for you. They have low sodium, fat and are rich in fiber, riboflavin etc.

Zucchini- They are amazing for summer and are sources of vitamin C, manganese, dietary fiber, magnesium, vitamin A, potassium, copper, folate, phosphorus, omega-3 fatty acids etc

Hot Peppers- They are good for the season with high content of Vitamin C and are also great antioxidants.

Pumpkin- It is a famous Indian summer vegetable. It has cooling and  diuretic properties. It is also good for digestion.

Bottle gourd- This is another amazing super food. It is rich in magnesium, calcium and Vitamins A and C. You can enjoy this water-rich vegetable as juice, sabzi, soups etc. It helps to beat the heat of the summer and also prevents stomach acidity which is pretty common in summers.   

6. Ever freshening Coconut Water:

Get refreshed with coconut water
Get refreshed with coconut water

What is summer if there’s no coconut water? It’s inexpensive and carries a powerhouse of nutritional benefits. Coconut water has electrolytes that make it one of the best hydrating agents. Besides being an excellent cooling drink, it helps in reducing blood pressure level, provides anti-aging properties, acts as a natural diuretic besides being a refreshing summer drink. So why waste money on those posh cool drinks while you can re-energise your body with coconut water?

7. The Cucumber Bliss

Another inexpensive yet beneficial summer food is the refreshing vegetable cucumber. It works great for skin by helping in skin problems like dark circles, sunburns etc. It has silicon and sulfur that promotes hair growth, it also has high water content that cleans bodies by removing toxins. Also, cucumbers are great for heart health due to its immune boosting and anti-inflammatory effects. You can have cucumber as cucumber juice, cucumber salads etc.

Cucumber is a must have for summer
Cucumber is a must have for summer

8. Lime water:

If you are out on a sunny summer day and you need a drink that soothes you from within, it has to be a glass of lime water. Easily available on the streets, lime water can be a saviour for you. To increase the taste you can add sugar, salt or black salt according to your preferences.

Lime Juice for summer
Lime Juice for summer


Summer fruits to fight the sun








9. Bittergourd: This is also good for the summer and is also easily available. It is known to be good for boils, rashes, fungal infections etc. which are pretty common in summer. 


Bitter gourd can be a great summer vegetable
Bitter gourd can be a great summer vegetable

10. Dark Leafy Veggies:

Try on raw spinach and kale salads this summer. They are known to provide protection against the heat of the sun. These leafy greens are also known to reduce inflammation and detoxify the body. You can also add some spinach leaves in your smoothies to keep the healthy factor intact. You can also add these leafy veggies in your favourite sandwiches or wraps.

Dark Leafy veggies for summer
Dark Leafy veggies for summer

Summer Diet Plan:

So that you won’t get confused, we bring to you Truweight’s Summer diet plan to guide you through the season. It is basically an outline with Truweight’s products that can give you a heads-up for an entire day diet plan. So check this out and make your summer better.


There’s a whole wide world of boozy foods out there: You can put vodka in your pasta, beer in your brisket, and white wine in your blackberry slump. In fact, the number of ways you can incorporate your eating and drinking habits are pretty much endless. But what about whiskey? It’s easy to come up with ways to cook with wine and beer, but cooking with your favorite hooch can be even more exciting.

Crab and Irish Whiskey Bisque

If you really want to incorporate whiskey into your weekly meal rotation, don’t worry, we’ve got the soup for you. It involves Irish whiskey, tomatoes, and crab, and it’s exactly the kind of warming, boozy meal we need in the midst of this up-and-down weather. It’s simple and just the right amount of heavy—think of it as the perfect winter to spring transitional meal.


There’s nothing light about traditional Portuguese feijoada, which is all about beans and lots of pork (fresh, cured, and offal-tastic). For something a little different, we suggest this innovative take on the classic by chef André Magalhães of Taberna da Rua das Flores in Lisbon, which breaks up the pork and beans monotony with something lighter (and sustainable): seafood.

Squid, Bean, and Sausage Stew

Magalhães’ tomato-enriched version cuts some of the pork with squid for a brighter, fresher color and texture that adds a bit of ocean brine. Lisbon is a coastal city, after all, and there’s no reason not to incorporate some of the abundant local seafood into a classic dish. If you don’t have access to a local Lisbon fisherman, seek our cleaned squid from your fishmonger. It freezes well, too.

It’s relatively easy to make, being a one-pot kind of stew, and you’ll feel transported to the coastal city and its rich flavors. For more flavors of Lisbon, Portugal, check out our feature on Lisbon and its emerging restaurants.


To help your fish turn out more like the former, this fish recipe that reporter Jane Sigal nabbed from Basque country is here for you. It’s a hybrid braise-steam approach, in which you cook fish atop a saucy mix of wine, stock, and softened onions and peppers as a nod to the region’s famous peppery piperade stew. But beyond the ingredients, the real genius is the method, one that makes it virtually impossible to overcook your fish while simultaneously creating your pan sauce.

Basque-Style Fish with Green Peppers and Manila Clams

You start by seasoning olive oil with slivered garlic, then build a light roux with a bit of flour that’s thinned out with white wine and stock (the recipe calls for fish stock, but vegetable stock works in a pinch). Onions and peppers soften in this sauce, adding another layer of flavor. Then—and only then, when everything else is in the pan—do you add fish filets, that sit atop the vegetables to keep them away from the full simmer of the sauce below. Cover the pan and steam just until the fillets flake—peeking is okay!—and as soon as they do, you’re done.

Another handy feature of this recipe: the clams that you throw in with the fish. Fish + clams + peppers is a classic and beautiful combination, but the other handy feature here is how the clams act as natural cooking timers. Once they open and spill their liquor, it’s time to start checking on the fish. That perfect, perfect fish that you can take all the credit for.



If all you’re doing with radishes is slicing them plain onto salads, you’re missing out on all they have to offer. These peppery, pleasantly pungent veggies—which come in a whole rainbow of colors and varieties—are good roasted, braised, pickled, and even turned into chips. And right now they’re at their peak, fresh and sweet with a clean, bold heat.

Yet for all the ways we love to eat radishes, the utterly simple French method may still be our favorite. Slice radish. Slather generously with room-temperature butter. Blitz with flaky sea salt. And eat. Toast points optional. The whole point is the springy contrast of luxe butter with the clean snap of quality radish. It’s practically perfect.

Radish and Cilantro Salad with Goat Cheese

Which is not to say it’s the end of the story. In this simple Japan-meets-California salad, radishes are tossed with cilantro and a fragrant rice vinegar and soy sauce vinaigrette before topped with goat cheese. The same themes are there, but made bolder: fresh radish, made fresher with cilantro; creamy dairy, with an added goat cheese twang; ample salinity, with a touch of umami from the soy sauce. Still utterly simple, still utterly delicious.

As Nancy Singleton-Hachisu, the author of this recipe, would put it, radishes may just be the ultimate spring vegetable. Fresh and snappy, good with dairy, and seasonally ephemeral. So go forth and make the most of these red beauties while they’re at their best.


 Rice and garbanzos add body to this vegetarian soup laced with fresh greens and herbs. Serve it chilled—as we have done—or, if you prefer, just slightly warmed. 

With swampy weather just around the corner for much of the U.S., it’s time to turn to foods built to cool us down. Part of that involves food that requires no heating up in the first place: no-cook dinners, salads, and ceviche. And then there’s dishes like this one, a cold soup that you do have to heat up first, but then get deep chilled to something that, as you slurp, cools you down like instant air conditioning.

Cold Yogurt and Herb Soup with Chickpeas

It’s a Ukrainian dish shared with us by the London-based chef Olia Hercules, who considers soup to be her home country’s national soul food. “My mum says she couldn’t live without having some kind of rich broth daily,” she says, and once you taste this delicate yogurt soup, it’s easy to see why.

Cooking with yogurt is tricky business—push the heat to high and the yogurt will break, leaving grainy nubs of coagulated protein in what should be a creamy broth. Slow, gentle heat is the first safeguard for this dish, but so is the egg that gets whisked in with the yogurt and water base. The egg helps emulsify the soup as it heats up, as does the starch that leaches out of the raw rice you cook in it. If you take your time you’re rewarded with a bright, creamy, undeniably yogurty soup with delightfully chewy bits of rice and chickpeas. To finish it off, blitz it with herbs—sorrel if you can find it, mint, and cilantro. Or whatever’s in your garden; we wouldn’t say no to tarragon or perilla.


Android O will be rolled out to OnePlus 3 and 3T within this year

While OnePlus 5 is getting all the attention recently, the company has not forgotten about its older models OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3. Or at least in terms of software updates.

In the beginning of this month, Pete Lau, OnePlus’ founder and CEO, announced and confirmed on Twitter that the two 2016 flagships would be updated to Android O which is also Google’s next major Android iteration.

At that point of time, he didn’t mention any time frame but owners of the two handsets were happy nonetheless. Now, we have also got to know when will the updates be rolled out to OnePlus 3 and 3T. In an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session held on Reddit recently, an employee from OnePlus said that both the smartphones would be updated to Android O “within this year”. The reason they are not giving us a definite timeline is OnePlus will first have to wait for Google to launch Android O.

Android O will be rolled out to OnePlus 3 and 3T within this year

We are expecting to see the final version of the software sometime in August. So Android O should start hitting the eligible devices from later this summer. Currently, it is still in beta and can only be installed on Google Pixel and Nexus devices. Now, considering OnePlus’ past in delivering updates, it has not been the quickest and the company does not have the best record. Well, you might be familiar with the case of OnePlus 2. The company had announced that the smartphone would be getting updated to Nougat but reportedly that has not happened.

Hopefully, OnePlus will live up to what it has said this time. Also, it goes without saying that the recently launched OnePlus 5 will also be updated to Android O.