Secrets of Preparing for JEE In Short Amount of Time

JEE Examination is one of the biggest and the most life changing examinations of your life. A significant part of your major career decisions are going to be influenced by this examination. So, if you’re really looking out to fare well in JEE mains, there are a couple of tips which you need to follow. Yes. These tips will effectively help you to crack the examination without having to prepare much. You can get your JEE mains done even with a month’s time in hand. Wondering how to do that? Here are some easy and effective guidelines that’ll surely help you in this regard.


Come up with a proper time table

Yes. Having a proper time table is highly essential to fare well in your examinations. Without a proper time table you will never be able to plan your schedule and figure out how and when to work out on different subjects. Choose the different subjects and allot a specific time-frame for them according to your strengths and weaknesses. Once you do this, you will be automatically better prepared for the examination. The final month of JEE is indeed very crucial for every student and you need proper and consistent preparation for the same. In order to do that, make sure that your time table is practically prepared without any timetables or routines which you cannot complete.

Work on your key concepts

This is something which you need to do in order to improve your knowledge on the necessary subjects. Try to highlight the key topics of mathematics, chemistry and physics. Not every topic carries the same level of marks. Or instance, the theory or Section A part of your physics will have 80% marks while the practical will have only 20% weightage. So, highlight tactfully, so that you end up stressing on those topics better that are likely to fetch you more marks. Practice those topics more that are likely to fetch you more marks.

Solve papers of previous years

In order to improve your time and efficiency regarding each and every subject, you will have to make it a point to solve all the papers of your previous years. As you do this, not only are you improving your hold over the subject, but you’re also getting to understand and grasp the subject better. Make it a point to practice the previous years’ paper under a specific and stringent deadline so that you get to prepare yourself better for the main examination.

Avoid every kind of distraction

This is the key to fare well in any and every kind of examination. So, when it’s JEE mains, things are likely to get tad more serious. In order to fare well in, your, JEE mains examination; make it a point to avoid any and everything that distracts you. Distractions are likely to come every time you make an attempt to study. However, you need to make it a point to avoid these distractions and give your full concentration to the subject. Unless you do that, faring well, will never be possible. Your friends and social network will always be where it was. However, if you waste your precious time indulging in something else, your rank is likely to be affected in this regard.

A final note of advice

Well, on a final note, you should always ensure that none of your days are wasted. Take your breaks, but do everything according to the routine. Concentrate on your subjects and avoid distractions to fare better and higher ranks even in a short and stringent timeline. These guidelines will surely help you fare better.

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