OnePlus 5 Teardown Treatment Reveals ‘Systematically Sealing Design’

OnePlus 5 was unveiled globally earlier this week and on Thursday, the smartphone was launched in India as well. As it usually happens after a major device’s launch, we are now getting to know more about the phone via teardowns. The OnePlus 5 has now received a teardown treatment and has been discovered to have a systematically sealed design. Separately, the company has also clarified that OnePlus 5’s telephoto camera, which has been claimed to deliver 2x lossless zoom, in fact offers only 1.6x optical zoom.

First coming to the teardown of OnePlus 5, MyFixGuide found out that the smartphone has chosen a “systematically sealing design” that helps protect internal components from environmental effects. It was discovered that the internal parts have adopted the sealing design, while the USB Type-C port The disassembler compared the OnePlus 5 with smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Oppo, and Vivo, which have previously adopted strict sealing design and gone through thickening process on their back corners.

OnePlus 5 Teardown Treatment Reveals 'Systematically Sealing Design'

However, MyFixGuide also found some weak points in terms of design on the OnePlus 5, saying that “some connectors have not been fixed by metal plate and its camera connector is easy to go loose.”

Moving on to the optics on OnePlus 5, the OnePlus Co-Founder Carl Pei has clarified on Twitter that the company has claimed that the dual camera setup on the handset offers 2x “lossless zoom” and not 2x optical zoom. Pei said that the camera setup offers 1.6x optical zoom and the remaining 0.4x is realised through “SmartCapture multiframe technology.”

The final upscaling means that the effective resolution is less than 20-megapixel and rather closer to 16-megapixel, points out GSMArena. Further, GSMArena says “EXIF info shows that the wide-angle and tele lenses have focal lengths of 24mm and 36mm (in 35mm equiv.), which would make the zoom 1.5x.”


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