Yadkin student awarded NCACAA scholarship

Association has announced Elizabeth Earle, Benjamin Rogers, Christy Rucker and Julia Skelton as the 2017 youth scholarship award winners. The scholarship award is being presented to four most deserving students who have exhibited excellence in leadership and community service. North Carolina Association of County Agricultural Agents established this $1,000 scholarship to four member or life members’ children or grandchildren to aid them with tuition at any university of their choice.

Christy Rucker is the daughter of Phil and Jennie Rucker from Yadkin County. Rucker will be studying creative writing at UNC Wilmington in the fall. She has always had a deep love for books and because of this has developed a passion for words, writing, and teaching. She would like to be an English teacher and novelist.

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When asked how her Extension Agent father, Phil Rucker, has impacted her life, she said, “My father has always involved me in his career in every way. My mother and I are in charge of teaching the young students about beef cattle at his Ag Awareness Day for second-graders every year. My father helped me to exhibit livestock and how to perform to the best of my abilities. As my interest moved from cows to literature, he never stopped supporting me. He set the example of hard work no matter what kind of work it is. He has shown me unwavering love and devotion. My father is the greatest leader in my life and inspires me every day to become the type of mentor he is for me.”

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