iOS 11 Public Beta Now Available, Here’s How to Install

iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra were both unveiled at WWDC 2017 this year, and their developer previews were made available right after. Now, the public betas for both the new software versions have gone live, (iOS 11 public beta is live, macOS High Sierra is coming soon). Both iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra bring a lot of new features. iOS 11 gets an improved Siri, redesigned Control Centre, and iMessage integration to Apple Pay, while macOS High Sierra gets the new APFS system, Safari improvements, and much more.

So, how do you get access to the iOS 11 public beta? Sign in to the Apple Beta Software Program with your Apple ID, and follow the instructions to enrol your device. Answers to most questions regarding the Apple Beta Software Program can be found on the FAQ page. Most important advice is that you should not install beta software on your primary/ only iOS device, and be sure to backup your iPhone or iPad by following the first part of instructions here before you do.

Despite being public betas, these early versions are quite buggy and could hinder your overall smartphone experience, and you can un-enrol from the iOS and macOS public beta program whenever you want by seeing the steps here.

iOS 11 Public Beta Now Available, Here's How to Install
As we mentioned, with iOS 11, Apple introduced improvements to Siri, a redesigned Control Centre, and several other features. Siri gets the ability to translate speech, its voice is more neutral for both genders, its interface becomes more visual, and a whole lot more. Additionally, iOS 11 also brings a ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ feature, and also introduces indoor mapping and other improvements to Apple Maps as well. Apple Pay also gets person to person payment and integration into iMessage. There is also a new Apple Pay Cash account, which is where users will receive money from other users. Apple Photos also gets some new tweaks, especially to Live Photos which gets a bunch of new looping modes. Lastly, the App Store also gets a major redesign, which actually looks a lot like Apple Music.

The macOS High Sierra software update brings a host of new tweaks and upgrades including an improved Safari, machine learning, and Apple’s new file system, to name a few. macOS High Sierra’s Safari also brings automatic Autoplay blocking, which will detect when videos are trying to autoplay and auto silence them. Apple is also bringing a much-needed ad tracking blocker through the use of machine learning. Mail will get a full-screen split-view so that your inbox can be seen on one side, and the message you’re composing on the other. Photos is also getting an overhaul as well with features like better facial recognition and improved sorting. The Photo Book printing service built into Photos is being opened up to third parties. Lastly, APFS – the file storage system that is used on most of Apple’s other products is now going to be the default on macOS with High Sierra.

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