Data Recovery Software: The Simplified Recovery Solution For You

EaseUS data recovery software is an efficient as well as effective recovery software. Today, the software is being used by multitude of people all across the world, and has gained great popularity owing to its effective tools, interactive interface and simplified procedures. All such features combined make the software a safe and reliable pick. Moreover, a number of effective tools are also offered at the disposal of the user, which are mostly only seen in premium software.

The data recovery software is a combination of several features and components, and can help the user recover email, video, music, documents and compressed files. Furthermore, it allows for the people to recover from various situations, like lost partitions, system crash, OS crash, corrupted storage devices, formatted disks etc.

Four Packages to Choose From

The data recovery software is made available in four packages, namely Free, Pro, Pro+WinPE and Technical package. The first package, which is Free, requires no cost and can easily be downloaded from the website. It can offer a good trial of the software, as you can experience all the features of the software in this. The only limitation with it is that you can only recover 2 GB worth of data. If a user wishes to recover more, they must purchase any of the other 3 packages. The Pro and Pro+WinPE packages include unlimited amount of data recovery and extended technical support.

The last package, the Technical package, is more corporate-oriented, and is for companies who wish to extend the license and support of the software further to their employees or clients.

Once the recovery software is installed on the system, it checks all storage devices, which are connected to the system. Once the scan finishes, it asks the user where the search must begin. Once the user selects a location, the search process begins.

Two Scan Modes

The first part of the scan is called the quick scan mode. It quickly searches through the memory for any data remnants, left behind by deleted or lost files. Once these are found from the memory, the original file is constructed and recovered. The scan mode is quite fast and reliable, and offers results within a few minutes.

Once the quick scan mode ends, the deep scan mode begins. This is a more advanced mode, which takes its times scanning the memory for all data remnants, and even searches for hidden, system and inaccessible files. Due to its advanced nature, it takes more time owing to its wider search area.

Once both the scan mode ends, the results are displayed on the screen. On this screen, the user can recover them each, or multiple files at once. The files can be filtered according to their type for user convenience, and the file’s content can also be previewed before they are recovered to the original location, which can be quite useful.

So, if you have recently lost some important files and are in a hassle, this is the free data recovery software to opt for!


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