8 Essential Tips to Prepare Children for Summer Camps

While summer vacations are on the way, you must be thinking of sending your children to a summer school. Summer camps carry a significant role in overall development of children. The environment of summer schools helps in shaping the young lives, encourages new friendships, fostering self-dependence and creating awareness of the natural environment.

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While some kids wait for summer camps to cherish and learn life lessons, others are reluctant to join the camps and meet their cabin mates or counselors. Whether you are sending your kid for a day or overnight camp, a bit of preparation can be fruitful to fetch rewarding experience to your child.

Here are some tips that will assist you in preparing your children for summer camps.

  1. Active Involvement in Pre-Camp Preparations:

Involve kids in making a selection of the summer camps and talk to them about the activities and experiences they are likely to gather on the camp. Actively involving children in deciding on the camp they intend to join;keeps thementhusiastic, excited, and interested in the summer camp; relieving their anxiety.

  1. Visit the Camp:

Much of the anxiety is created due to the fear of unknown. Visiting the camp can ease your anxiety and ensure you the safety of your children. If you unable to visit the summer camp make sure you go through the pictures, videos,and referrals on the website of the camp.

  1. Prepare them for Overnight Stays:

Arranging overnight stays with friends or relatives will make them used to spend time apart and sleep in a new environment.

  1. Deal with Separation Anxiety:

Homesickness is common specifically for the first time campers. Have the support of campers and let your child know that it is absolutely fine being sad and missing home at times. Encourage them to involve in various activities during their leisure time.

  1. Foster Independence:

Summer camps have a significant role in developing the child’s personality. By helping children with their chores of preparing their bed, organizing their belongings and packing their stuff; they foster independence, making the child self-sufficient.

  1. Effective and Easy Communication:

While packing, pack some notecards, envelopes and writing materials. Schedule phone calls or emails and explain to them how easy it is to send, receive, and convey their messages. Instead of directly replying to their homesickness, be positive and encourage them by telling silly stories and enthusiasm to learn about their experiences.

  1. Consider sending them with a Friend:

Sending your child with a friend eases their anxiety and helps them in gathering new experiences. Many camps allow registering your child with a friend, helping them to widen their circle and welcome new camp friends.

  1. Cross Check the Camp’s Packing List:

The requirements of packing list vary according to the type of summer camp you are sending your child in. at times camps provide a document of suggested additional requirements that your child ought to carry. Make sure you read the document thoroughly and comply with the packing list of that very summer camp. Be particular to include all the comfortable clothing and medications in the packing list.

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