Jacqueline Fernandez’s pole workouts will inspire you to try them too

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Jacqueline Fernandez is one fitness buff who is always pushing the limits with her gravity defying workouts on a regular basis. The poses which she puts up on her Instagram might look easy to pull off, but you realize how wrong you are when you attempt them yourself. These diverse fitness routines, whether it be yoga, ballet dancing or the pole workouts- are the reason behind her curves.

It’s the pole workouts, however, which take our breath away every single time. The most recent pic shows her hanging upside down on a pole holding herself up only with her legs.

It’s a bit scary, when you realise how dangerous this exercise actually is. But her posts also inspire you to try to reach fitness and flexibility levels like her.

Pole exercises have picked up a lot in recent times since they’re not only a solid workout but also a lot of fun. They help in building a strong core, flexibility and poise.

In case you’ve been thinking about trying out a new form of workout, consider pole workouts, but understand that it’s not going to be cakewalk!

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