Under 30-minute chicken recipes that are so easy you’d want to try them daily

1. 30-minute chicken recipe!

30-minute chicken recipe!

If you have half an hour and some chicken in the refrigerator, you can actually do magic! From Chicken Jalapeno Poppers and Lemon Chicken Wings to Shredded Chicken Salad and Butter Chicken, these mouth-watering chicken dishes can be made in 30 minutes or less. Scroll down to know more about them:

2. ​Cheesy Chicken Fingers

Cheesy Chicken Fingers Recipe: This recipe has a crispness that will make you go wow. It’s a finger-licking dish that can be enjoyed along with your choice of dips.

3. Tandoori Coconut Chicken

Tandoori Coconut Chicken Recipe: This mouth-watering recipe is quite easy-to-make and can be easily prepared at home in just half an hour.

4. ​Shredded Chicken Salad

Shredded Chicken Salad Recipe: This quick recipe is a delicious dish for people who are trying to lose weight without compromising on their taste.

5. Parmesan Chicken

Parmesan Chicken Recipe: All the chicken and cheese lovers out there, this recipes is just perfect for you!

6. ​Murgh Qorma

Murgh Qorma Recipe: This delicacy should be teamed with either butter naan or khamiri roti to balance the flavours.

7. Lemon Chicken Wings

Lemon Chicken Wings Recipe: This lip-smacking snack recipe can be prepared easily at home under 30 minutes with simple ingredients like lime zest, olive oil, chicken wings, salt and black pepper.

8. Chicken Kabiraji

Chicken Kabiraji Recipe: This makes a yummy meal that no one can resist! This is one of the easiest things to prepare, especially, when you are not in a mood to prepare an elaborate meal.

9. Chicken Jalapeno Poppers

Chicken Jalapeno Poppers: Easy-to-make, cheesy and succulent, this dish is an absolute deligt for non-vegetarians, and we can bet it will leave you wanting for more!

10. Cherry-Topped Grilled Chicken

Cherry-Topped Grilled Chicken Recipe: This chicken dish uses boneless chicken breasts and tastes amazingly delicious. It’s great as an appetizer or as a main dish served with rice or your favourite veggies.

11. Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken Recipe: Delicious, creamy and rich, this popular recipe is a rich palette of flavours which will the hearts of people of all age groups.

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