5 Graphic T-Shirts To Add To Your Wardrobe

5 Graphic T-Shirts To Add To Your Wardrobe

From celebrities to street style enthusiasts, everyone seems to have gotten a memo from the fashion gods about graphic tees being all the rage right now. Whether it’s designer brands like Gucci or high-street brands like Zara, everyone’s latest collections are full of garments featuring different graphic prints. You see them on the runway, you see them on celebrities and on fashion influencers on social media; there’s just no denying that graphic printed t-shirts are a huge trend right now. It’s time to get your hands on a few.

Here are some of our picks for the season.

1. Pink Panther Sweatshirt

With October nearing and the weather clearly having changed to give us autumn feels, it’s time to start stocking up on things you can use for the next few months to come. This Pink Panther sweatshirt from Zara is the perfect blend of fun and functional.

2. Good Vibes Halter Top

A halter top with a sassy message? Yes please. This slogan t-shirt from Max can take you from day to night and have you looking ready for nearly anything.

3. Whip Cream T-Shirt

A little bit of a dig at the brand Supreme it may be, but this t-shirt from Fighting Fame is throwing just the right amount of shade at the almost unaffordable brand. We love the concept and the fact that it sounds just as delicious as it looks.

4. Boss Babe Tee

A t-shirt that introduces you with just the right adjectives – we love it. There’s no going wrong with this super cute pink t-shirt from Amazon Fashion no matter where you’re heading.

5. Silhouette Graphic T-Shirt

This graphic t-shirt from Zara is made from 100% ecologically grown cotton and comes with a super fun print. There’s nothing not to like in this multi-coloured print on a white t-shirt.

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