Seniors with only 10 to 19 teeth are at greater risk of malnutrition, finds study

Senior citizen

A new study has shown that older adults with only 10 to 19 teeth are at higher risk of malnutrition. Not just that, these patients had higher rates of weight loss, lower appetite and were at a greater chance of developing dementia or depression or severe chronic ailments compared to those who had normal nutrition status, revealed this study.

“The mouth is the entryway for food and fluid intake. If its integrity is impaired, the functional ability of an individual to consume an adequate diet may be adversely impacted,” reportedly said Rena Zelig, lead author at Rutgers University in the US.

Explaining that dental clinics were the best locations to conduct test for nutrition for adults, Zelig reportedly added: “Clinicians also can provide patients with referrals to Registered Dietitians and community assistance programmes such as Meals on Wheels to prevent further decline in nutritional status.”

This study appeared in the Journal of Ageing Research and Clinical Practice and examined the health records of 107 senior citizens belonging to the age bracket of 65 years and above, highlighted a recent media report.

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