Three Tips to Getting Your Rambunctious Toddler to Stop and Pay Attention

Toddlers are sparks of energies, running from one place to another with the speed of Tasmanian devils. This rambunctious behavior is awesome because it shows that your kiddo has spirit and a carefree love of play and imagination. However, when it comes to getting your rambunctious tot to calm down and be attentive, it’s a whole other proverbial ballgame.

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No worries though—it is possible to get your cutie to stop and pay attention to what you have to say. The following tips should be taken to heart, as they will help you regain a smidgeon of control over your toddler’s energetic nature when you need them to be attentive to directions and requests.

Turn the Screens OFF and Limit Usage

Screens have been linked to negative impacts in attentiveness and behavior. Sure, television and the internet have their place and purposes, but several hours of either per day can be damaging to anybody—regardless of age.

Turn the screens off for the week and limit usage to weekends only. Give your toddler a chance to calm down and release their energies naturally through independent, imaginative play throughout the day. It could be a tough habit to break but stand firm—you’re the parent and you know what’s best for your babe.

Set an Example of Listening and Taking Directions to Heart with Clear Boundaries

Children need to know your boundaries and expectations. They need to know where the cut-off line is for their behavior. Hence, you should set an example by being aware of boundaries yourself. Follow your own rules.

Tip: One way of getting children to pay attention is through better communication of their feelings. Teach children that it’s okay to be moody, grouchy, happy—all of those things, but coping with so many feelings takes practice. And that’s why you’re there. To listen and help. Get on their level when you speak with them.

Stimulate Their Mind with Concentration-Based Games, like Puzzles and Building Blocks

Puzzles, building blocks, color and matching games—all are concentration and thinking-based games, which are perfect for teaching toddlers about patience and attentiveness. Play these games with them. Show them how to piece together puzzles and find solutions to building dilemmas.

Tip: Encourage imaginative play. Get a treasure chest of dress-up favorites, like kids western belts and cowboy hats, and let your kids build imaginative scenarios around their costumes.

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