How to Create a Unique Business Blog That Catches Audience Attention

Today’s businesses thrive on uniqueness, as there are hundreds of thousands of business that you are competing against. Your main aim should be engaging and interacting with your audience. How do you do that? This article is a brief outline on how to better your business visibility with a business blog that captures audience attention.

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Where Will You Build Your Blog? Think in Terms of a Reliable Platform with a Positive Reputation

Reliable platforms are those that have a reputation of being positive places for business websites to thrive. They haven’t had surrounding scandals or dilemmas with financial stability, and their business owner clients are positive in their reviews and feedback.

While it might take some thorough research to find such a reliable platform, you shouldn’t rush the decision since the best platform will help your business be a success in the long run.

When you Register a Domain Name, Make it Clever, Memorable, and Unique

Have you ever seen domain names or business names that made you chuckle because of their cleverness? Or did they make you want to click to the website right away, simply to see what they were all about? That’s the kind of reaction you want your audience to have when exploring your business. Think hard and smart before you register a long-term business and domain name.

Advertise and Backlink Through Unique, Sometimes Funny, Always Fun Social Media Status Updates

Social media networks are the surefire way to get through to thousands of millions of people in unique niches across the world. These people have access to the interwebs at any time of day on a daily basis; ergo, you always have a prospective audience.

Advertise through funky, unique, sometimes funny, always fun status updates. Then use keywords and website backlinks to lead your readers to your business website. The keywords should reflect your business products and services, i.e. locksmith tools and supplies for a carpentry business.

Provide Feedback and Communicate with Your Potential Consumers via Message Boards and Social Media Comments

One of the awesome things about marketing via social media is the ability to interact with prospective customers. When they have a dilemma, complaint, question, or even praise for your company, they can communicate with you directly on status comments, website messengers, and site feedback boards. Do the same in return. Be honest and helpful in your interaction to not only keep your audience but garner new consumers with your stellar responses.

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