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Spanning 9.98 million square kilometres, Canada has a hell lot of experiences to offer. Be it a spectacular landscape that will take your breath away, or adventures you’ll never forget, Canada has so many diverse experiences. And then there are these cities. The cities which will fill the void! The void that your life had created in your that must now be filled with beauty, thrill and adventure! So allow me to take you to a ride of your future truth. Here I bring you the 10 most serene cities of Canada –

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1. Niagara Falls: Incorporate these world-popular falls on your voyage through Canada for an amazing glance at nature’s sheer power, seen very close on a pontoon ride or perception deck. Niagara Falls, has more than just a waterfall to offer you however there is a lot to visit while in the City of Niagara Falls. The city of Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake, 25-minutes from the fall has everything from favor wineries, top of the line eating and shopping through to Vegas-style club. Covered by excellent green land and lakes, Niagara City is ideal for adventure, climbing and sculling. A city escape inside the city. The wonderfully spread out Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens has a flower clock which rings at regular intervals. You truly can’t visit Canada without a trek to Niagara To falls.

2. Stanley Park, Vancouver: Verdant neighbor to downtown Vancouver, Stanley Park sits surrounded by the city’s harbor and straight, and incorporates an assortment of backwoods trails, beaches, blossom gardens, and recreational exercises. What can I say that hasn’t been said? Just go. You will love it. You can’t go wrong with a walk along the sea wall, a trip to the Aquarium, a walk around Beaver Lake, a visit to the beach or pool at Second Beach, a bike ride (Yes Cycle has great rental rates), Pitch n’ Put (a great golf experience for ANYONE, even if you don’t like golfing), the spray parks and a stop at the totem poles. Every time you visit you can have a new adventure here.

3. CN Tower: Gaze out over the consistently changing urban scene from the strong statures of CN Tower, a notable outline on Toronto’s horizon and home to a famous spinning fine-eating eatery. Toronto is home to the impressive CN Tower. The elegant CN tower provides incredible views of the city and a revolving restaurant that will add something special to your trip. So make your reservations at the revovling restaurant and have a good glance of Toranto, this is an absolute must visit especially for all the couples out there. The beauty is beyond words and must be witnessed by everyone.

4. Granville Island: A humming, person on foot inviting beings brimming with expressions and culture, Granville Island gives you an essence of neighborhood craftsman networks through its studios, theaters, and exhibitions. When home to industrial facilities and sawmills, Granville Island is currently one of the greatest attractions in Vancouver for the local people and visitors. The Granville Island Public Market is a steady center point of your travel with an arrangement of stores exhibiting crisp nearby deliver, carefully assembled items and one of a kind blessings. The area is one of the city’s most crowded social areas with theaters, craftsman workshops and specialty studios.

5. Notre Dame Basilica: A festival of the pompous style of Gothic Revival engineering, this memorable basilica throws a forcing shadow over its square. This beautiful church is a soul satisfying foe ever wanderer.  Right from the archaeological wonders to the minute details of the church, everything there is worth clicking a picture. One must visit this place at least once in their lifetime. Do you think you can never make it here? Worried about expenses? Well here’s a little escape for you to get far off your traveling expense. With Expedia coupons now you can get upto 50% off on your flight tickets. Sorted right?

6. Old Quebec: A World Heritage Site and feature of numerous Canada agendas, beguiling Old Quebec catches the quintessential sensibility of French frontier style. Walk around 400 long stretches of history in Old Quebec. Stroll along the invigorated dividers of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and take the perspective of one of the prettiest urban areas in Canada. Visit the Petit-Champlain District, Place Royale, the Plains of Abraham and the Parliament Building or simply appreciate the climate of comfortable bistros and theaters set among the brilliant townhouses and cobblestone rear ways. Old Quebec is an epitome of beauty and hence a heavy attraction for tourists.

7. Old Montreal: Immerse yourself in the seventeenth-century neighborhood of Old Montreal, with its French pilgrim engineering, broad history, and a labyrinth of eateries scattered crosswise over cobbled avenues. Montreal’s archaic exploration and history complex appeared its Fort Ville-Marie structure a year ago amid the city’s 375th birthday festivities and it keeps on being available to guests, who actually stroll over history. This historic location is sheer example of how beautiful the country’s history is!

8. St. Lawrence Market: Treat your tastebuds on your Canada excursion at the memorable St. Lawrence Market, a nearby sustenance center going back to the nineteenth century and loaded with new delivery, global delights, and Canadian top picks. It’s a major tourist spot that helps showcase a piece of Canadian history. St. Lawrence Market has a wide variety of food ingredients and fresh flavours. I would recommend going on Wednesday as its not as busy. The market is really lively on saturday with the most shoppers. So if you are one of those shopaholics this place is meant for you. 

9. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada: Meet the city’s submerged animals at this family-accommodating fascination, home to a scope of indigenous and universal marine life, including sharks, turtles, and incalculable types of fish. Incredible architecture of gorgeous and very modern aquarium in the heart of Toronto. Amazing sea world, over 16000 species, different fish brought from all around the world could be seen there. Hundreds of gorgeous displays light up while admiring different species and listening calming music. Shark tank is so impressive as well as all other amazing specious. This place is an absolute must visit at least once in their lifetime.

10. Gas Town: Vancouver’s unique settlement and most established neighborhood, Gastown developed from a solitary bar in 1867. Today, the region still overflows with notable beguile yet with a dash of tense chic. Perfect Victorian engineering, a flourishing style scene, immaculate boutiques, one of a kind displays and extraordinary compared to other culinary scenes in Vancouver. Gas Town is the place up-to-date Vancouvians assemble; a place for shopping, eating or simply mulling in non-mainstream bars.

Bear in mind to stop by its greatest fascination, the Steam Clock. Gas town is truly a ‘Jack of all trade’. Everything is so beautifully covered in this little Vancouverian space here. So if you are ever in Canada, mark this place down in your visit list.

Hey won’t that fill the void? That certainly will! Canada is beautiful, way more than you can imagine. No words can articulate the beauty of the place. So if you are up for a Canada trip, (hey, great taste) you gotta pack yourself well in advance, take out every Canada reader digest possible, get through all the possible information and sink it deep within because this trip would be hell lot of an experience!!! Get out the best of your cameras and set yourself up and have a fabulous trip pal ^^

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