Making Jumping Fun For Your Horse

Although your horse might enjoy galloping through an open field, you should try to add a little fun to its exercise routine by putting up jump walls. These are walls that can be built to encourage agility and jumping while also promoting a range of activities instead of only walking or galloping. It gives your horse’s mind a way to stay healthy as well because it will need to use mental skills to complete the jump that is positioned in the middle of the running area.

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Instead of simple horse jump walls, you can make a custom design that blends with your personality as well as the personality of your horse. If you enjoy fun designs, then consider using bright colors when painting or large displays, such as flowers or other animals. However, if your horse is strong and shows his personality on the field, then you might want to consider a design that matches these characteristics, such as a black wall jump with stars and planets.

A simple idea that you can make would be to design the wall to look like a brick wall. You can use the same colors that you would see on a brick wall or an assortment of colors with one for each wall that you make. If you like cartoons or movies, then create a wall with a favorite character, such as Cinderella or an animal that is the star of a movie. Consider making the wall a bit challenging with one side higher than the other. You could also design the wall as an incline so that your horse has to focus on jumping from the ground to a higher level off the ground without hitting the bottom portion of the wall. This can be a design used to help with leaping instead of simple jumps.

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