As American As Apple Farming

Anyone who visits a grocery store in the produce aisle will see a huge variety of fruits and vegetables. Have you ever wondered which are grown in the United States? Most people can guess where fruits like oranges and pineapples are grown. Oranges are linked to Florida and California, while pineapples bring up images of Hawaii. If you ask where apples are grown, you get a variety of guesses and blank stares. It’s probably because apples can grow in many different climates. In fact, the U.S. Apple Association says thirty-two states grow apples for commercial purposes.

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Creating Jobs

Apple farming is such a big industry that agricultural companies are having trouble finding workers to help harvest the fruit. In fact, three of the top four apple producing states have turned to migrant workers and utilizing H2A Placement Services. Although the industry is moving towards using machinery, it’s still a labor-intensive harvest process that requires thousands of workers each year.

Keeping You Healthy

Most people would be shocked to find out there are thousands of varieties of apples grown in the United States alone. In any one of those apples, there are a number of health benefits. Apples are known for dietary fiber, which can help people feel full and potentially aid in weight loss. They offer antioxidants, as well as low-calorie content.

Knowing Your Apple History

Who didn’t grow up hearing about Johnny Appleseed? He was, in fact, a real person named John Chapman. He was actually a missionary who traveled to various states, planting apple nurseries and returning periodically to check on them. He is the inspiration for dozens of stories and legends, and he even has a museum and minor league baseball team named after him.

The apple industry provides jobs, healthy foods, and an interesting history. Given the prolific industry within the United States, you’re never too far from visiting an apple orchard. Perhaps you’ll view apples in a different light the next time you go to the store and see shelves of the fruit.

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