The Roads Beneath Our Wheels

Have you ever wondered how the road beneath your wheels got there? Between the hustle and bustle of daily life, coupled with frantic commutes, it’s easy to take the complex infrastructure of the everyday for granted. Keep reading to learn more about the production matters of the roads and highways that keep us moving.

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How Roads Are Made   

The road-building process is quite complex, involving planning, engineering, designing, digging and of course, paving. Multiple people are involved and the timeline can vary depending on the size, location and scale of the project. Governments, city planners, engineering firms, excavators and construction teams all work together to make transportation possible.

Highway History

Since the initiation of the highway interstate system, more and more interstates sprinkled with overpasses and underpasses have swept the nation. Highway roads reduce travel time, prevent multiple traffic stops and increase streamlined systems.

Safety First

Before roads are ready for travelers, safety precautions must be in place to ensure smooth travels for all. On the traveler side of transit, make sure you only drive when weather is safe and drive. Never drive in rain, sleet or snow if your car is not equipped for such conditions. Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and of course, do not drive if you are overly tired. The next time you drive, keep your eye out for safety measures already put in place by planning and construction teams. Be thankful for traffic signage, clear highway lines, barriers and other railings, especially near steep cliffs or sharp turns. Highway agencies likely seek out highway guardrail for sale and decide on the proper amount, location and installation of each safety barrier.

The next time you drive, be thankful for the roads that lead you from point A to Z. Thanks to many people and multiple moving parts, our highways are safe, secure and reliable for fast transit.

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