How to Safely Move Heavy Machinery

Moving industrial machinery requires special care and safety measures in order to protect both the equipment and the movers. The rigging, moving and erecting of heavy industrial machinery requires several steps, including dismantling, relocating and reassembling. Heavy equipment movers have training and expertise in moving single machines and entire industrial plants.

There are several safety tips heavy machinery movers in Los Angeles and nationwide must adhere to in order to prevent hazards and injury.

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Complete Required Training

Movers must be trained on the proper safety procedures in order to not only operate but relocate heavy machinery. Anyone moving this type of equipment should have both classroom and hands-on instruction on the safety features and potential hazards of the heavy equipment, including how to safely maneuver, mount and dismount.

Wear Safety Gear

Part of safety training is the understanding of the required safety and protective gear, also known as proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Movers should always have on their PPE, such as gloves, safety glasses or hoods, protective boots and hard hats.

Adhere to Load Maximums

Heavy machinery movers must have a knowledge of lifting loads and load capacity for the equipment they will be moving. Before hauling or relocating a piece of heavy machinery, movers must know the load maximum in order to prevent a heavy hauling accident.

Communicate With The Team

Communication is the key to preventing accidents when moving heavy machinery. Movers must be mindful of their surroundings, including where their co-workers are in relation to the equipment and machinery. Having knowledge of safety procedures will help movers to prevent accidents and properly communicate with one another. For example, movers must be aware of the swing radius to prevent hitting workers or bystanders.

Know The Equipment

Movers should not work with machinery they have not had the proper training for. Every piece of heavy machinery has different safety procedures, and operating or moving this machinery without proper training increases the risk for injuries or even fatalities.

Safely moving heavy machinery requires training, PPE, adherence to load maximums, communications and equipment knowledge. Professional heavy machinery movers can help to prevent injury or damage while moving machinery or equipment.

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