Tactical Ways to Prevent Gun Theft

In the United States, guns that aren’t properly protected are stolen regularly, which is why every gun owner needs solid theft prevention strategies for all firearms. If you need a defensive plan for a glock 19 or a rifle, these strategies can help.

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Use a Gun Safe

A gun safe can keep various weapons totally secured inside of a home or building. However, when choosing a safe, always consider each unit’s design and mechanical parts. If a safe lacks a high-quality locking mechanism, someone could possibly pick the lock. According to experts, the best locking mechanisms for modern gun safes are cable locks and trigger locks because they’re tough to crack.

Anchor the Safe

While a gun is inside a safe, theft could still happen if someone is able to haul the safe away. To avoid this situation, you’ll need to anchor your safe against a wall or in an opening on the floor.

If you’re going to buy a large safe, you may need help mounting it on a wall since its base is very heavy. Also, ensure that the beams that run around the installation area are strong enough to support the safe.

Select the Storage Location Wisely

The area where you choose to install your safe is very important because there may be risks if the unit is exposed in a vulnerable spot. Any location that’s far away from doors and windows is an ideal area for a gun safe. The goal is to prevent detection by guests and neighborhoods, so you should strive to conceal the safe in a strategic way. For example, if you work with a contractor, you could modify the installation area in order to hide the safe behind a cutout on the wall.

These strategies can help you protect a glock 19 gun, glock 19 custom slide pieces, and other firearm products. You’ll find a variety of safes for guns at a local hunting or firearms store.

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