Tips for Preparing to Sell

Are you wondering “how to best sell my home Lake County FL?” One of the more stressful aspects of preparing to sell a house involves wading through years of accumulation of stuff. If you continue to live in the house during the showings, you have the added stress of having to keep the space “show-worthy” while still going about your normal routines. Below are a couple of tips to reduce the stress.

Rent a Storage Unit

It helps to get stuff out of the house and into a storage unit when preparing to sell. That way you have a clean slate to work with as you rearrange living room furniture and clean the kitchen. A storage unit rental does not commit you to a long lease. Most rentals operate on a month-to-month basis, and the company may even offer you the first month for free. The free month might just be the time you need to sort through your stuff.

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Weed Out Stuff

It’s much easier to make a house look neat when there are fewer items. If you have clothes that are worn or the wrong size, donate them. Purchase electronic versions of books. Scan documents and shred the hard copies. Arrange for porch pick-ups of your donations from charities that offer that service, and save yourself the car trip.

Hide Your Clutter

Ideally, you would have time to go through your souvenirs from beach trips and decide which to keep. If you are in a hurry, focus on hiding your clutter. Stash things into desk drawers and into boxes in closets. Sometimes couches and chairs have hidden compartments. You can sort through items at a later time. Just don’t forgot to schedule a time to organize the items and find a proper place for them, or you might forget what you did with your extra pair of glasses.

Getting a house ready to sell is easier with less stuff getting in the way. Look for ways to move stuff out of the way, whether it’s a storage unit, donating items, or hiding things.

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