Where to Get Extra Cash in an Emergency

A car accident, an illness or death in the family, or an aging appliance that makes a strange noise finally refusing to function, these are the types of things that can surprise anyone and often come with long, expensive bills. Most Americans have no emergency savings for situations like this, and live paycheck to paycheck. How do these people survive unexpected events? There are a variety of solutions of varying difficulty that can provide quick cash when it is needed most.

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Borrow from Family

Money changing hands among friends and family is frequently a source of stress for everyone involved and asking for a loan of any amount can be difficult. However, if you are from a tightknit or well-off family, someone may be able to make your worries disappear, often at no extra cost to you aside from the necessary humility.

Payday Loans

A quick turnaround loan that functions as a cash advance from your next paycheck is a great way to quickly get funds together. Usually, all you need is a checking account and a steady job in order to qualify. If you are looking for a check advance Mississippi, there should be a variety of local or nationwide institutions present in your community and ready to help you out. Interest rates vary, but since payday loans are so popular lately, most rates offered are competitive and your loan officer might be able to find you discounts or credits based on your credit score or income level.

Selling Small Assets

Have an extra television, antiques lurking in the basement, or an old coin collection? Then selling extra stuff is a great way to come up with extra cash. The only downsides are that someone else has to want to buy your things and you will need to actively list and sell them. Depending on how soon you need emergency cash, this may not be the best option. However, if you don’t have an emergency savings account and don’t need cash right now,  selling things can be a great way to start one for the future.

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