Three Things to Check Before Starting a Driving School in California

California leads the country in self-driving car research. Meanwhile, there are lots of teenagers ready to get their license. Lessons from a licensed driving instructor are mandatory in the Golden State, so it’s a great market to offer those services to.

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Get Your Business Properly Insured

It’s easy to see that proper liability and auto insurance are a must, but any business requires other forms of insurance beyond this obvious area. An insurance agency Sacramento CA can tell you about all the coverage you need for your business, both in and out of the car.

Become Certified With the State of California

“Licensed driving instructor” doesn’t just mean you have a license to drive. You need to be certified by the State of California and follow an approved curriculum and lesson plan. The state has regulations for how many hours of approved video content, classroom instruction, and driving time you’ll need to give your students before they can take their actual road tests, and you must follow their procedures.

Market Your Driving School Effectively

There are many driving schools in California, so you’ll need to figure out how to make parents pick yours. It’s tempting to try to compete on price, but that will lead to low profits. Maintain nice vehicles, be friendly to both parents and students, and be empathetic. For most of us, learning to drive is a little bit scary, so learn how to make it fun, while emphasizing the need to maintain safety on the road. Social media is a great way to market a driving school, but keep in mind that teenagers aren’t usually the ones paying the bills, so you’ll need to market both to them and to parents. 

Do your homework before starting a driving school. It’s a great business idea where you can make money and positively influence the lives of young people.

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