Indian Cooking Hacks: Tips To Keep Chapati Dough (Atta) Fresh And Soft For Longer

Indian Cooking Hacks: Tips To Keep Chapati Dough (Atta) Fresh And Soft For Longer

  • Your chapati dough may not last an entire day if not stored properly
  • Cover your dough with a cling film and store it in the fridge
  • Grease your dough surface with oil or ghee and refrigerate it

Whole wheat chapatis are an everyday staple in regions across India. The perfectly round, soft, fluffy and light Indian bread that can be consumed along with any number of curries and dals, is also quite nutritious in nature. This is why it is considered healthy when included in daily diet. A whole wheat chapati, or phulka or roti, is made from simple dry flour, water and oil dough that is first divided into small rounds and then flattened into perfectly even rounds with the help of a rolling pin. This flattened dough is then cooked atop a cast iron griddle or cooked in tandoors to get lightly toasted and warm chapatis. Chapatis can be enjoyed with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries, or can even be eaten with dry subzis. Chapatis taste the best when they are paired with desi ghee.You can stuff sabzis inside the chapatis and make rolls out of them.

Making the perfect chapatti is considered something of an art that requires some practice. One must be able to achieve a certain perfect thickness that allows the dough to rise just enough to form the thin upper layer that is characteristic of the bread. Then it must be toasted on the tawa or the griddle for just enough time to allow the dough to cook through. Chapatis are wildly popular across the Indian subcontinent and are prepared at least two times in the day. This is why the dough is prepared in bulk and can be used throughout the day.

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Chapati (Roti) Nutrition

A whole wheat chapati is low in calories and contains good amounts of fibre. It is great for people looking to lose weight. This is because it helps fill you up and satiate your enough to prevent frequent hunger pangs between meals. When prepared fresh, a warm chapati accompanied with a vegetarian subzi, dal or any protein, makes for a complete meal with sufficient amounts of essential macro nutrients

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