If You Party Hard, You May Need Bail

The police arrived just as you were beginning to enjoy yourself at the party of the year, and not only did they barge into the party, the cops began making arrests for teenage drinking, drug paraphernalia, and drug possession. You may have been a little buzzed when you became one of the people handcuffed and set on the grass to wait for a ride to jail, or you may not remember how you got into the booking center. Either way, you are now in need of Wyoming County bail bonds, and you need to ask someone for help getting out of jail.

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What Is the Bond?

The bail bond is an amount of money paid to get you released from jail. Once the court determines the amount due, your friends and family can contact a bail bondsman and pay 10 percent or more of that amount to get you released. Your personal items will be returned to you, but it is conditional upon your reappearance of all court dates set by the judge. You will not get any evidence you had in your possession returned, but everything else should be.

What Secures the Bond?

In order to come up with the 10 percent cost of the bail amount, you, your friends, or your family must provide cash, jewelry, credit cards, vehicles, or real estate equivalent to that amount. If you fail to make even one of the court-ordered appearances, the bail amount is forfeit. If you break any laws while out on bail, you will be remanded to custody and returned to jail by a bond enforcement agency.

You may not remember the revelry, or you may have been the hit of the party with all your friends. Either way, the important thing about life after being arrested and getting out of jail is knowing you will go back into the court system if you break the terms of your bond.


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