Tax Preparation Checklist for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, filing taxes is a cost of doing business in the United States. There are a lot of accounting activities which must take place before taxes can be filed both federally and for your designated state. At the end of the year, particular accounting statements need to be prepared to fill out the appropriate tax forms accurately. Accountants expect to see proper bank reconciliations and a balance sheet that shows the state of position for your business. Many business owners become too busy to file taxes alone and require the services of accounting firms. If you are in the Long Island area, try seeking out tax preparation services long island ny.

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Pulling Out the Receipts

If you are a small business owner, you likely have an online business checking account. If this is the case, holding onto each receipt for every transaction may no longer be necessary. However, it is a good practice to still hold onto any physical receipts in case your business undergoes an audit. In this case, it will be constructive to verify each purchase based on copies provided by vendors and suppliers. When it comes to accounting, having access to as many records as possible is certainly not a negative thing. Keeping receipts is especially helpful if you wish to relinquish your duties as an accountant and transfer responsibility to another entity.

Accounting for Home Office Expenses

Many small business owners can work from the comfort of home since virtual offices have finally become more acceptable in business. With this said, many new expenses receive attention when you begin working from home. If you wish to claim a home office deduction, for example, knowing the square footage of your area is necessary for the IRS to accept this claim. Home office deductions can be tricky, and it is advised to contact a CPA or accounting firm for further instruction.


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