What Makes Immigration Bonds Unique?

You may have heard about how bail bonds can be used to pay off unattainable bail amounts through a third party. However, bail scenarios for immigration cases are a bit different from the average criminal case. The following will explain how to obtain an immigration bond Stroudsburg PA.

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What Is Bail?

Bail is the amount of money that a judge determines a defendant should pay in exchange for their release from jail before and during a trial. Defendants charged with violent crimes or those deemed a flight risk might not be granted bail at all. At the conclusion of the trial, a defendant will be refunded the full amount of their bail, provided they attended every date of their trial. However, should they miss an appearance, the defendant forfeits their freedom and loses the money put toward bail.

The Role of Bail Bonds

For bail set too high for the defendant to pay, bail bonds are available to provide assistance. Only a fraction of the full amount — usually somewhere around 10 percent — of the bail is paid in cash. To cover the rest, the defendant wagers property as a collateral, such as the title to a home or car. Should the defendant miss a court appearance, they lose the money and collateral they put down. However, if at the conclusion of the trial, the defendant has not caused any trouble, they will receive their collateral in full. The cash paid, however, goes to the bondsman for profit.

Immigration Bonds

Whereas general bail bonds are used to release defendants from jail, immigration bonds are used to release defendants from immigration detention facilities or those held in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) at local jails. Statistically, immigrants pose a higher risk of flight since they may not have strong ties to their communities. As such, bondsmen willing to endorse immigration bonds typically charge a higher fee.

For those facing charges concerning their immigration status, bail may be especially hard to post. If your bail seems unattainable, purchasing an immigration bond may be a wise investment.


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