5 Reasons People Choose to Conceal Carry

Guns have made the news a lot in recent years prompting many people to obtain their concealed carry licenses. Many spend hours of research time on the right gun and holster once they make a choice. Here are the top reasons people choose to conceal carry.

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Protect Others

Many people choose to conceal carry to protect other people should a dangerous situation arise. This goes beyond cop shows showing each officer wearing a concealed shoulder holster ready to tackle the bad guys. Concealed carriers feel it is their duty to be aware and vigilant as they protect people they love and those they don’t against those who wish them harm.

Response Time

Unfortunately, there is rarely a police officer on hand when someone pulls a gun out and threatens innocents. The average response time for a police officer to arrive at a crime scene is 11 minutes. A lot of things can go wrong in that span of time.

Unsafe Situations

Not everyone works a 9-5 job in a well-lit, safe neighborhood. Many people must walk to their vehicles in less than savory conditions. Carrying a concealed gun gives the person a certain amount of safety and protection as they leave work, their homes or dinner.

Civic Right

The second amendment of the US Constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms. In this vein, people use it for things as simple as self defense to the more outrageous zombie apocalypse theories. Either way, it is a civic right.

Be Prepared

You don’t have to be a Boy Scout or former military personnel to be prepared. Concealed carriers often strive to be prepared. That means that they are looking for the possibility of dangerous situations or people around every corner. Having a weapon on hand helps deter crime, stop criminals and defend oneself.


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