Guide to Adelaide Picture Framing in SA

You will find a lot of houses where different types of art hang from the walls in various rooms. There are also homes where art hang all around instead of hanging on the walls. If you are a first timer, you may find it pretty costly to frame art. The wide array of options may also be quite overwhelming to you. Whether to go for a blue mat with a white wooden frame or whether to go for a white mat with a blue frame? Is the mat at all necessary? All of these questions along with the fact of putting a nail through the wall, may at times seem like maddening to you.

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Basics of Picture Framing

When you talk about art, different people have different notions about the word. Some believe that anything abstract is art. Some believe that art is always extremely expensive, and some consider their precious heirlooms to be art. Whatever be the case, it is always better to know about the basics of picture framing.

  • You Do Not Have to Turn Your House into A Museum: When it comes to collecting artwork, different people have several reasons to collect them. Some collect sentimental pieces that they have inherited, some buy it at the flea market, some like to dig out old photographs and frame them on their walls, and there are many more such reasons. It is better for you to remember that these are meant for you to hang on the walls and to be framed well. Do not spend a small fortune on them and do not turn your house into a museum.
  • Frame to Last: It is quite obvious that if you wish to frame some photograph or artwork for a long period of time, you will have to opt for an acid-free matting material. You also have to make sure that there is a dust cover on the back of the picture framing Dimonds Gallery Adelaide. Traditionally, a glass layer is used in front of the photos. However, there are some frame manufacturers who provide acrylic instead of glass. Acrylic is normally lightweight and shatterproof. On the contrary, there is the possibility of acrylic to get scratched very easily. Whatever material you choose, it is better to get it treated to make it UV rays resistant.
  • Canvas Works Demand A Different Treatment: Any type of oil paint done on canvas will be more stable and hardier in the face of the changing elements. If you hang a canvas painting in indirect sunlight without using any UV protection, it will be fine. You can also dust them lightly without damaging the artwork. After all, you would always want to see the textured buildups and sweeps of the paint. It will be a good idea to surround the work with molding if you do not wish to use glass and mat for protection. A slight carelessness on your part can easily damage the painting and you may incur heavy losses. Thus, being safe is always better than being careless.
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